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Episode 106: Scumbags with Hearts of Gold

Slam City Amateur Hour
Slam City Amateur Hour
Episode 106: Scumbags with Hearts of Gold
  • Yellow Panda
  • Halloween
  • Short Attention Span
    • What Would Jenny Huan Do?: California Wildfires
    • Shazam Listening Party
    • ABC’s of Dckholes
    • Blind Taste Test
    • Flu Shots
    • Plug In & Hate: Poppy Seeds on Pastries
    • Geocaching Panera Bread Gift Card
    • Conspiracy Theories
    • Negative 16 LUFS
  • Foxtrot PSA
  • GMN 2020
    • Questions from the press for a gentleman-scholar-politician
  • Fortune Teller
  • This Is The News
    • Texas paramedic hurt after alleged drunk driver hits ambulance
    • Foxtrot Invents The News: Police blew up an innocent man’s house in search of an armed shoplifter. Too bad, court rules.
    • Man caused car explosion at Chandler gas pump, police say; 77-year-old woman hurt
    • Blind Brooklyn Woman May Not Have Known She Was Living With Corpse Of Dead Son For Year
    • ‘Collapse OS’ Is an Open Source Operating System for the Post-Apocalypse
    • Obscenely Rare Pokemon Card Sells for Record-breaking $195,000
    • US police sergeant told to ‘tone down the gayness’ wins $20m in damages
    • John Witherspoon, comedian and actor who starred in ‘Friday,’ has died at 77
    • A principal in Florida said he couldn’t confirm the Holocaust was a ‘factual’ event. The school district just fired him.
  • What I Had For Lunch

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