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Episode 107: When Great Minds Think Stupid AKA Check Is In The Mail

Slam City Amateur Hour
Slam City Amateur Hour
Episode 107: When Great Minds Think Stupid AKA Check Is In The Mail
  • Hostile Takeover by Yelo Panda
  • Short Attention Span
    • What Would Jenny Huan Do?: Happy Meal
    • Project Open Gate
    • Shazam Listening Party
    • Pronouncing the H in Jeremih
    • Heart of Hearts: Rod Stewart Lozenges (RSL’s)
    • Ouroboros Man – ZJ’s – when it Was a delicacy – Deepweb before Deepweb
  • Foxtrot PSA
  • GMN 2020
    • Questions from the press for a gentleman-scholar-politician
    • White Panda
  • Fortune Teller
  • This Is The News
    • Google Served Mealworm Pizza in Its Cafeteria
    • China perfected fake meat centuries before the Impossible Burger
    • Microsoft Is Taking Quantum Computers to the Cloud
    • The ‘Bitcoin time-traveler’ Reddit post has been edited, but nobody knows who did it
    • 5-year-old calls 911 to order Happy Meal; police officer delivers
    • Was a Phallus Purposely Added to the Artwork for ‘The Little Mermaid’ VHS Cover?
    • 1 Dead, 8 Hospitalized Due to Outbreak of Salmonella Linked to Ground Beef in 6 States
    • Man stabbed to death after argument over Popeye’s chicken sandwich
    • Man using racist slurs killed in Waffle House fight in Georgia
    • T.I. Reveals He Goes To The Gynecologist Every Year With Daughter To Ensure Her Hymen Is Still Intact
    • Anti-Deepfake Law in California Is Far Too Feeble
    • Scientists discover first new HIV strain in nearly two decades
    • Woman jailed for convincing lover to kill fiance, before having him killed too
  • What I Had For Lunch
    • Naked Noodle
    • Mighty Fine
    • Beck’s Prime

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