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Episode 121: Four Dudes In A Booth

Slam City
Episode 121: Four Dudes In A Booth
The Burrito Panda Show 🐼🌯 feeturing Brown Ranger – Live From The Glory Hole (π) . Special Guest: The Burrito . Blue Owl Brewing . Watching a video of guys beating up a pedophile . Foxbox VPN . Bike parts on the Deep Web . What I Had For Lunch . Fish Tacos . GMN Fortune Tella . Deepfake Sponsor: Julio Tejas . Ask The Burrito . Craziest Japanese Pr0n . The Backseat of the 240 . Buukc by Foxtrot . Fappening Favorites . CBT . Captain Planet . Last Meal on Death Row . Deepfake Sponsor: Booba Gettz – The Crazy One . Popeyes Customer called ‘CH!NK’ on Receipt Says Corporate Ignored His Complaint . P0rnhub Is Giving Italians Free Premium Access During Coronavirus Quarantine . Man Hid Cherry Pies Under Women’s Car Tires To See Them Bend Over . Drink like a Mexican kingpin: ‘El Chapo’ beer launched by daughter . Man Tried To Force KFC Employee To Reopen Restaurant At Gunpoint . Wanted cow that has evaded US police since January faster than it looks . Thai Airways crew puts Chinese woman in headlock after she allegedly deliberately coughed on stewardess . Unicorn Dog Has One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head . Thieves snatch shark from San Antonio Aquarium, wheel it out in a baby carriage . Grocery sees dirty word in ‘Summa Cum Laude,’ censors cake . Wheel of Fortune follow-up: Buying A Juicer . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . Deepfake Sponsor: Spit Plus . White Van Scam Season 1 Episode 2 . 3 Things That The Burrito Learned This Week . 3 Things That Foxtrot Learned This Week . Deepfake Sponsor: Urite Flylite (read by The Burrito)