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Episode 125: Bossman Gonkilme

Slam City
Episode 125: Bossman Gonkilme
World Events . What I Had For Lunch . Manscaping with Hot Wheels Lawnmower . Jet Skis . Out of Yeast . Frito Pies . Stuck . GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President, Vice President, and Secretary of State . This Is The Newz . Dogs could help ‘sniff out’ coronavirus . How to Cover Your Tracks Every Time You Go Online . Man accidentally ejects himself from fighter jet during surprise flight . Amy Schumer changes son’s name after realising it sounded like a body part . Australian man completes 2,806 push-ups in one hour . Wet wipes clog all four pumps at Florida wastewater facility . Unicode announces no new emojis in 2021 due to COVID-19 . Indiana man finds mysterious $8.2 million in bank account . Dr. Fauci endorses Tinder hookups ‘if you’re willing to take a risk’ . Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome . Banksy Jokes His Wife Is Sick Of Him Working At Home . Canadians bite back at loneliness of isolation by howling at the moon . Adamantium sounding rods . Japanese store puts ‘curses’ on its in-store toilet paper to prevent thefts . Poophole Loophole . (fake) Researchers Delay Coronavirus Vaccine Until They Figure Out How To Make It Cause Autism . 5G Causing Coronavirus BS . Thanks to Sheltering in Place, Animal Shelters Are Empty . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 5 . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Slamcity After Party . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz – The Crazy One, Triple C Brand Spit Plus