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Episode 134: Proxy One Twenty Remix, Time Travel Back Three Months

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Episode 134: Proxy One Twenty Remix, Time Travel Back Three Months
Our recent recording meant to be Episode 134: Salted Plumz was lost in the Quantimino™. To keep the content flowing, the Intergalactic Boba Runners travel back in time three short months ago when the Dudes in a Booth were still taping shows in the Booth, not wearing masks, not social distancing, and watching the world stockpile toilet paper. Those ideas were still in their infancy, but Rona had already started her invasion across the planet. . Special Guests: Burrito Candy . How Was Your Week? . Foxbox VPN and Spit Plus . 2700 Seconds Listening Party . Gemini Clicks Anything . Feral Hogs Find and Destroy Cocaine Worth $22,000 Hidden in Woods . White Van Scam starring Booba Gettz – Bossman Gonna Kill Me, First Idea Session . Julio Tejas . Public Service Announcement to Junior Pandas: Spank Bank Preservation . Booba Gettz The Crazy One . This Is The Newz . Children’s book gets Guinness record with 1,250 alternative endings . Fairy Tail Reveals Incredibly Expensive Life-Sized Erza Statue . Reported loose lion was unusually groomed dog in Spain . Gemini’s ocean repellent attracts sharks so he has to punch them in the nose . 3,549 people don Smurf costumes to break Guinness record . Blue Man Group franchise . We finally know how millipedes have sex, thanks to glowing genitals . Son accused of shoving 78-year-old father off cliff . An Australian thief used a fishing rod to steal a Versace necklace . Police jail woman who paid bail with marijuana-scented cash . Rockstar Energy Drink Founder Cashes Out For Nearly $4 Billion . Monster energy drink says Byron company stole their logo . Why people are panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper to cope with coronavirus fears . South Florida’s Fetish Community Falls Head Over Heels for Feet . Gundams, Ouroboros Man, Booba Gettz . Homeless man arrested for attempting to spank man because “you need to respect your elders” . Claw machine toys replaced with toilet paper rolls amid coronavirus fears . Wisconsin wardens rescue skunk with head stuck in soup can . Family accidentally orders $2,153 worth of toilet paper . Man Who Filmed Himself Licking Ice Cream Tub Gets Jail Time . New chlamydia species discovered deep under the Arctic Ocean . Lot Lizards . What I Had For Lunch with Burrito Bandito and Candy Cane . Skins and Bones Campaign: Questions from the Press for Future President Gemini Jackson . Three Things That Foxtrot Learned