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Episode 143: Boomchi

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 143: Boomchi

Gemini and Arthur meet up at Daddy Juice Studio in the Beaded Curtain District with Foxtrot and  Burrito via Jitsi for their recap of the short week, play everyone’s favorite Slam City classic guessing game What I Had For Lunch, comment on odd news, and reflect on what they learned this week.

Gemini did a live stream where he attempted to make a tornado omelette.

Burrito went outside to check the mail to get some cars.

Spill the Beans, Burrito – Burrito’s red faux leather desk chair finally arrived.

This is the Newz

Marijuana vending machines now available in Colorado with more to follow

America Has Two Feet. It’s About to Lose One of Them.

If You Aren’t Milking Your Corn, Is It Really Summer?

Russell Kirsch, Inventor of the Pixel, Passed Away

Microsoft Internet Explorer is finally dead

Bald eagle attacks $950 drone, sends it to bottom of Lake Michigan

A stash of beer and gum that dates back to the 1980s was discovered hidden behind the shelves of a Washington library

Ryan Reynolds Opens Streaming Service That Only Streams 2003’s Foolproof

Marijuana company will destroy $2.6 million inventory of year-old vapes

Playhouse put on Airbnb as joke booked by family

Girl, 12, caught on camera gambling at Australian casino

Europe’s largest 3D-printer just made its first two-story house

Swiss scientists create glow-in-the-dark mice to study cellular function

Man steals bucket truck, takes it for a drive through the Beaded Curtain Outdoor Mall

Martial artist uses nunchucks to light 21 candles in one minute

German circus sells jars of lion poop for gardening

Woman celebrates 103rd birthday by getting first tattoo

Michael Jordan shoes auctioned for $615,000, setting new record

Aquarium drains wishing waterfall for 100 gallons of extra cash

A man lived in a Tampa Bay-area stadium’s luxury suite for over 2 weeks before he was arrested

YouTuber designs gun that shoots masks onto faces of those who refuse to wear them

Why Tokyo’s New Transparent Public Restrooms Are A Stroke Of Genius

Kellogg’s Mermaid, Frozen Waffles, Blue Raspberry

The next Girl Scouts cookie flavor to grace your mouth: French toast

An Arkansas farmer disguised himself as a woman to sneak into a cemetery and deface the grave of his longtime nemesis with animal carcasses

Poop transplant cures man’s ‘drunkenness disease’

56-year-old Pokémon GO trainer arrested for assaulting 55-year-old trainer

Japanese man rides 1,000 kilometres on stolen mamachari bicycle to see Tokyo for first time

Want to look good while staying safe? Put CCP Ultra Mask on your face!

Want to own one of the biggest ranches in Texas? It will cost you almost $320 million

The F-100 could sling nuclear bombs and launch itself into the air like a missile. Now it can be yours.

‘National Anthem’ NASCAR car stolen from Cracker Barrel parking lot in Georgia

3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week

Durian on a pizza

Slam City Durian Sour

86 US Agencies can arrest you


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