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Episode 144: Protect Ya Nectar

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 144: Protect Ya Nectar

The Intergalactic Boba Runners were unable to record this episode from the Daddy Juice Energy Studio, since Gemini Jackson was on the CSCB (Chicken Skins, Chicken Bones) campaign trail. 

Please pardon the audio quality for this episode. Our creative and very appreciated staff had already prepared most of the show’s content and needed to give our Slam Citizens new audio, so Julio Tejas would mail us that check. None of your fearless and greasy hosts could make it to the studio, so the warmth of our golden voices were not recorded through our gently used Neumann U67’s. We had to use our virtual meeting headsets, yuck.

Special thanks to Jaymark, Jenny Huan, Regina Veracruz, and Peter Quistgard for continuing their hard work and dedication despite our logistical obstacles this time around in support of Future President Gemini Jackson and the Skins and Bones Party. No thanks to whoever drank the rest of the Sugar Free Crisp Pear Red Bulls.

Episode 144 Notes. 

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How Was Your Week?

The Burrito throws Hurricane Laura under the bus in the new segment Under The Bus. 

What I Had For Lunch. 

GMN had tapas for dinner. Everything in his presidential suite is a TV. 

During What I Had For Lunch, Gemini gets a call from his campaign manager when it’s Burrito turn, so Gemin takes off his headset and lays it down while Burrito, Foxtrot, and Arthur continue the game. The echo is only temporary and stops when Gemini returns to the virtual meeting.

Chicken Skin Dumplings, GMN’s Chicken Shack. 

Streetwalkers mixed with Nightcrawlers are Streetcrawlers. 

Spamwich, Spammich. 

This Is The Newz. 

‘Worrying’ house listed for sale has its own nine-cell prison next to the kitchen. 

Woman Risks Life to Save Husband’s Gundam Collection During Intense Flood. 

Pipeline explodes in Slam City, Coast Guard says six people are missing. 

Lori Loughlin sentenced to 2 months in college-admissions scandal; husband gets 5 months. 

The International Space Station has sprung ‘a small air leak,’ so a NASA astronaut and 2 cosmonauts are hunkering down to help find and repair it. 

The Mad Signtist turned green lights in Spokane into pot leaves. 

Count is in for 100 gallons of coins found at NC aquarium. Winning guess was $1 short. 

NC police asking for the public’s help finding a man who test drove a truck valued at $40K, didn’t come back. 

8,600 Funko Pop! Vinyl figures form the world’s largest mosaic. 

Bear wanders into a California grocery store, steals bag of chips. 

Factory malfunction causes chocolate rain in Switzerland. 

Australian gold hunters find two nuggets weighing 7.7 pounds. 

Contents of mysterious safe left on N.Y. farm to remain mystery. 

Stealthy thieves steal 330-pound safe from ninja museum. 

‘Guess who’s moving?’ Texas mother of two gets insensitive eviction notice. 

‘What in the heck was that?’: N.L. fisherman shocked to haul in long-nosed chimaera. 

McDonald’s releasing first-ever new McNuggets flavor, other menu additions. 

Krispy Kreme worker runs doughnut through glazer 25 times, creates monstrosity. 

Domino’s introduces new Chicken Taco and Cheeseburger pizzas. 

KFC drops ‘finger lickin’ good’ slogan amid coronavirus pandemic, blurs out catchphrase in new marketing materials. 

Chicago restaurant’s $350 peanut butter and jelly sandwich likely world’s most expensive. 

Elon Musk to unveil Neuralink progress with real-time neuron demonstration. 

The UK island is littered with open coffins and human skeletons. 

Snoop Dogg launches a wine label saying ‘you are what you drink’. 

TIFU GTA Stripper Scene. 

WTF We Learned This Week. 

What’s A Hayseed? 

Peyronie’s Disease. 

Witchblade Discussion. 

If you had to save valuables during a flood like mobile suit gundams, what would you save?

Uranium sounding rods. 

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