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Episode 161: WVS Brainstorming Sessions, Volume 1

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Episode 161: WVS Brainstorming Sessions, Volume 1

WVS Brainstorming Sessions is a compilation of recorded ideas and conversations from the Slam City podcast with Gemini, Foxtrot, Arthur, and Burrito about the White Van Scam franchise.

White Van Scam (WVS) is a slice of life space opera. Intergalactic boba runner Booba Gettz is tasked with selling overstock speakers out of the back of a white van. Otherwise, Bossman is gonna kill him.

Booba Gettz is everyone in the White Van Scam story. Booba Gettz is Bossman. All of the dimensions converge in the WVS timeline. The Crazy One has Everything.

For Episode 2, the WVS concept was repeated: selling speakers out of a white van.

In Episode 3, Booba Gettz experiences love at first sight. Enter Tonya Tottz. Booba tries to sell Tonya speakers but ends up asking her out to lunch instead.

In Episode 4, Booba and Tonya meet at Taqueria Acapulco on Earth for lunch. The food truck reminds Tonya of a taqueria on her home planet, TA7. Booba orders the Boobarito. Tonya cannot decide which salsa to get.

In Episode 5, we find out how Booba got the job selling speakers. He answers a craigslist ad and attends his job interview wearing a polo shirt with a tie. Booba is hired then trains with Bossman in a scene like Training Day. They go out in a white van to sell speakers. Bossman is a crackhead with a heart of gold. At the end of the episode, Booba kills Bossman.

At the beginning of Episode 6, we realize that Booba killing Bossman was only a figment of Booba’s imagination. Back to the present time, Booba is at the beach clownin’ but also trying to sell speakers because he “ordered too many”. He sees Tonya with another guy who turns out to be her brother. Booba is also trying to avoid the cops.

Booba disguises his van as an intergalactic boba stand. Tonya loves intergalactic boba from back home. Booba’s sidekick Bobby Gettz, not short for Robert, works the boba stand. Pearl Pittz is Bobby’s girlfriend. Pearl works at Feet Is Feet. In the show, you only see her feet. J Jelly Jameson is Bossman’s real name. 

In Episode 7, Bobby takes a bullet for Booba while they are being chased by the Intergalactic Boba Commission. Booba goes back in time to get Young Booba to work the boba stand. Young Booba doesn’t know what to do, so he just uses everything then invents The Crazy One.

Businesses at the SH69 food truck trailer park: Taqueria Acapulco, Fiarrhea, Tofuin Around, The Crazy One, Feet Is Feet, Fortune Teller