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Episode 186: DAMB.

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 186: DAMB.

This that Be Praised Mayo, that DJE, that TED Talk, ayy

Watch our soul speak, you let the meds talk, ayy

Double X Quantimino.


Allison Mack.

Iron Kids bread.

Wes Burrito watched Trese on Netflix.

Gemini’s road rage incident.

Swapping boba back and forth.

Human spice.

High school graduation songs.

Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts.

Britney Spears is bringing ska back.

Brian’s Tinder dates get stranger.

This Is The Newz.

Nashville woman sues state officials over license plate deemed ‘offensive’ 10 years later.

17 Injured After Planned Detonation Of Seized Illegal Fireworks Ends In Explosion.

Brewdog: Watchdog urged to probe solid gold can prize claim.

Baton Rouge family surprised by $50B mistaken deposit.

Customer leaves $16,000 tip on $37 bill at New Hampshire bar.

White Influencer Now ‘Classifies As Korean’ After Receiving Surgery To Look Like A Pop Star.

Man upset over lack of dipping sauce makes explosive threat to McDonald’s.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Crackdown on illegal maid cafes looks to be making maids a rarer sight on streets of Akihabara.

Japanese cook shaves his head in apology after gross customer complaint, then things get weird.

Kappa Sushi rents out conveyor belts for diners to use at home.

Reserve your own spot on an uninhabited Japanese island for an unforgettable camping experience.

Talking Attack on Titan anime character robot vacuum promises to clean your “shitty” room.

More Newz.

Peculiar parasitic fungi discovered growing out of the rectum of a 50 million-year-old fossilized ant.

Spectator who caused massive crash at Tour de France missing after fleeing the country.

Something’s fishy: The fight over Subway’s tuna sandwiches opens up a can of worms.

‘God told me to come here’ Louisiana man arrested after getting high and driving to prison.

A Wyoming man calls to ask why he wasn’t arrested, is arrested.

Discovery of ‘Dragon Man’ skull in China prompts rethink of human evolution.

Police break up an exorcism at a Home Depot.

Wont. Whet.

Coined phrases: Joe Rogan rich. Damb.

What I Had For Lunch.

Tater Tots.

Jimmy Thicccum, Thicccum Farmz.

After Party: Fun Guy, Battle of the Buns, Hint of Human, Overcornified: Cuman Bean.

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