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Episode 199: Gold Mothra

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 199: Gold Mothra

This episode opens with a discussion of a story of a man who ejaculates from his anus followed by a two-part “Plug In & Hate” session about long lines and mis-delivered packages. Then we talk about Rodan from Godzilla, a crazy girl, Brian’s dating life, and today’s rock star lifestyle. Newz, BNN, Lunch, then we’re done but not for long.

Double X Quantimino.

A Rare Medical Complication Caused a Man to Ejaculate from His Anus.

Plug In & Hate Part 1: Waiting in lines where the end of the line is inefficient.

Plug In & Hate Part 2: Receiving mis-delivered packages.

Re-visiting anime television series Godzilla Singular Point.

True or False? 19-year-old arrested for the death of a man who died after being set on fire at his home.

Inquiring minds want to know: First dates with Brian in the dating app game.

Do today’s rock stars still battle the same substance abuse demons like their predecessors or have the late Millennials and Gen Z learned their lesson? Or are the musicians with demons not idolized like the rock stars that didn’t survive? Or is Big Brother Records keeping the cap on the bottle and grooming today’s rock stars to know they will be quickly dismissed if the demons take over?

This Is The Newz.

Video shows woman pulling out gun in Chipotle after store closes early.

A North Carolina family finds an unknown woman in mother’s casket.

Impossible’s new vegan nuggets taste better than McNuggets. Sadly, that’s not saying much.

This animal has survived for centuries without having sex.

(Avengers #200)

Man Almost Fights His Way Into an Airplane Cockpit on Flight From Boston.

Scientists Working on a Toilet That Identifies You by Your Butthole.

Haunted house actor accidentally stabs an 11-year-old boy.

Keen spirit: Australian cyclist uses GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Tokyo cafe serves special drinks and desserts for your anime crush, welcomes otaku/fujoshi diners.

Aomori police are on the lookout for a man shouting unsolicited advice at kids about dating and ramen.

Is Japan’s new Super Combined Cup Noodle series really as great as it claims to be?

Cup Noodle Sodas: Culinary innovation or beverage abomination?

Cup Noodle pouch satisfies our never-ending need for instant ramen.

More Newz.

(Fake) FBI raid at NSA employee’s home reveals over 16,000,000 ‘dick pics’.

Dubstep artist Skrillex could protect against mosquito bites.

A California burger joint bans customers under 18 from dining without parents, saying young people threw fries at staff and stuck candy to the ceiling.

Car-exhaust drug craze alarms Congo’s capital.

A museum says they gave an artist $84,000 in cash to use in artwork. He delivered blank canvases and titled them “Take the Money and Run.”.

Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘Women? They’re superior to men’.

Internet stunned by ‘ridiculous’ prices at Salt Bae’s new London restaurant.

Limp Bizkit officially release new single ‘Dad Vibes’.

What I Had For Lunch.

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