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Episode 202: Ride or Die

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 202: Ride or Die

Brutally honest and humorous, just the show you’ve been looking forward to all week, every week. Intergalactic boba runners bring you conversations to get you through your existence.


Drops of Jupiter.

Gemini’s grade school history project

Tila Tequila.

Sodium one-liner.

Double X Quantimino.


Catwoman: Lonely City.


The Beatles.

Ruby Tuesday.

Brian’s Botched Circumcision.


Botched circumcision commentary.

Gemini tells a joke. “student council”

This Is The Newz.

Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Hippos Are Legally People, Court Rules

Melissa Joan Hart becomes the first to win $1 million on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’

Disgraced ‘Billionaire’ Says He Faked His Way Onto the Rich Lists

I found an Amazon folder with thousands of audio recordings from my home gadgets

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Japanese firework catapults a teddy bear into the sky

Electronic grandchild “Ami-chan” developed by Takara Tomy

“World’s most spacious public toilet” baffles the mind in Japan

Man in Kyoto leaves bag of red-stained knives in front of stranger’s house

More Newz.

West Japan man arrested for alleged sale of porn videos with pixelated images altered by AI – The Mainichi

Museum Starts OnlyFans Account After Its TikTok Is Banned for Posting Nudes

I went dumpster diving at my local Whole Foods and found $1,000 worth of fresh baked goods, produce

Local TV Station Apologizes For Playing Porn During Weather Report

Penis plant in bloom in Leiden; Third time ever in Europe

Worker exposes how fast-food ice can make you sick in viral TikTok

Taco Bell Fans Are Mourning the Sudden End of This Beloved Item

What I Had For Lunch

Burrito ate Burger King.

Clam jam.

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