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Episode 213: High Heat, Baby!

Episode 213: High Heat, Baby!
Slam City
Episode 213: High Heat, Baby!

Your fearless and greasy hosts bring a fun-filled round of DXQ, odd news commentary, BNN, and What I Had For Lunch on your favorite radio show.

Double X Quantimino

Burrito’s Nickelbox – “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam and “The One I Love” by REM


Brian asks for dog advice

This Is The Newz

Dad saddled with $20,000 credit card bill after daughter’s in-game spending spree on Genshin Impact

Bank hands out £130m in Christmas blunder

90 Day Fiance star selling farts in a jar hospitalised

San Antonio’s Pabst Blue Ribbon tweets New Year’s advice for sober followers: ‘Try eating ass!’

Woman found smuggling spider monkeys in duffel bag across U.S. border

Little Caesars’ Hot-N-Ready pizza no longer costs $5

North Korea claims Kim Jong Un’s dad invented the burrito

Burrito’s Nippon News

This Robo Chef will make you perfect fried rice without any need to lift a heavy wok

Ramen tea? Unusual drink is hot in more than ways than one

Bathe in the soothing golden waters of the Bathtime Manneken Pis yellow water gun kit

What I Had For Lunch

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