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Episode 214: Paper Crowns and Barnacles

Episode 214: Paper Crowns and Barnacles
Slam City
Episode 214: Paper Crowns and Barnacles

Your favorite part-time friends take you on a roller coaster ride on The World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast with random discussion topics, news commentary, and food. Bring a change of clothes.

Double X Quantimino

What if you could approve or deny gravity? OR Is gravity clumsy or just me?

Jason Derulo Attacks Men After Being Called Usher

Melania or Throat Goat Reagan? no politics, just shear sexual conjecture

MFK with Pelosi, Boebert, and AOC

This Is The Newz

Meet the Man Who Married His Sex Doll

Fish fall from the sky during rainstorm in eastern Texas

Melania Trump to auction white hat and other items for $250,000 minimum bid

What It’s Like to Go Through Life As a Really Beautiful Woman

Soft toy that nibbles to relieve stress is unveiled at tech convention

Tenn. lawmaker apologizes after arguing with ref, ejection at HS basketball game

KFC to launch plant-based fried chicken made with Beyond Meat nationwide

What I Had For Lunch

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