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Episode 219: Cuadraphonic Canine Cacophony

Episode 219: Cuadraphonic Canine Cacophony
Slam City
Episode 219: Cuadraphonic Canine Cacophony

Somewhere in the Beaded Curtain District, four dogs barked into microphones and recorded a conversation heard across the Quantimino™. This episode captures that conversation that covered thought-provoking topics, odd news commentary, and what they had for lunch.

Double X Quantimino

Pepsi Number Fever, also known as the 349 incident, was a promotion held by PepsiCo in the Philippines in 1992, which led to riots and the deaths of at least five people.

GMN: “Ask me how I spent my morning.”

“The Dog-a”: The Dog Saga continues

Boomers, how do you get over the inability to be the best version of yourself?

BNN Preview: Japanese convenience store chain running out of fried chicken, takes precautions to save Christmas

This Is The Newz

Man beaten with metal skillet after declining an offer of potatoes

Skyfari Ride Passengers at the San Diego Zoo Get Stuck for an Hour After Vandalism Caused the Ride to Stop

A Boozy Baja Blast Is Joining the Hard Mtn Dew Lineup

40-person brawl breaks out at Golden Corral over steak

Burrito’s Nippon News

Potato chips that don’t get your fingers all powdery developed by Calbee and Tokyo Banana

Free KFC taxis will be taking to the streets of Japan

Cup Noodle humidifiers: Combining hot ramen and homewares for a very special release

What I Had For Lunch

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