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Episode 220: Unmask The Truth

Episode 220: Unmask The Truth
Slam City
Episode 220: Unmask The Truth

The Burrito reviews the 2022 film The Batman and brings up Wonder Woman. Gemini and Brian discuss feet guys through history. Arthur explains why fundraising for war efforts is for suckers. Gemini battles anonymous text messages and email spam. Newz commentary, a heated debate about tipping, Burrito’s Nippon News, “stuck” motels, plus the best guessing game in the Quantimino™, What I Had For Lunch.

Double X Quantimino

Burrito reviews The Batman

Burrito brings up Wonder Woman

Feet Guys Through History

Fundraising for war efforts is for suckers.

Anonymous text messages

This Is The Newz

A ‘molecular drinks printer’ claims to make anything from iced coffee to cocktails

Playboy model claims she was kicked out of Airbnb for being too hot

Study shows breastfeeding can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Bloke fighting for life after cutting off his penis and popping it in drawer

People Think They Can See Ryu’s Dick In The Street Fighter 6 Reveal

Burger King Has a New Take on The Whopper, the Twisted Whopper

Restaurant tips have gotten stingier, Square data shows

18-wheeler hauling chicken fat overturns on Dead Man’s Curve

Courteney Cox Says She Had to Sell Her LA Mansion Because It Was Haunted

Burrito’s Nippon News

Crazy cheap hotel in Tokyo comes with a crazy catch

Man with no visible injuries found dead on train in Japan

42-year-old police sergeant disciplined for stealing about 200 yen from shrine donation box

What I Had For Lunch

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The intro clip in this episode is sampled from “Pitch Experiment: Canon in D + All Star (Smash Mouth)” by There I Ruined It Productions, reddit user dustin1776.