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Episode 224: Raging Bile Duct

Episode 224: Raging Bile Duct
Slam City
Episode 224: Raging Bile Duct

Gemini, Brian, and Arthur travel through the Quantimino to the Beaded Curtain District to record another intergalactic episode. Bring a change of clothes.

Double X Quantimino

Brian went on a ski trip and saw a blind woman on the plane.

Sharing the road with shitty drivers crossing the solid, white line

Arthur the Arbiter has no shame eating two Whoppers in one sitting.

Arthur the Arbiter pauses on McD’s free Large Fries.

Speaking of healthier eating, Arthur asks Gemini and Brian how to hack a buffet sold per pound.

File Formats

Bruce Springsteen

This Is The Newz

Winter Olympics: Finnish cross-country skier suffers frozen penis in 50km race

Woman quits job to breastfeed boyfriend full time

Tennessee man accused of hitting wife with loaf of bread during dispute

Husband slammed for upgrading to business class on flight and leaving wife in economy

What I Had For Lunch

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