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Episode 225: The Wax and Wane of Caribou Populations

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 225: The Wax and Wane of Caribou Populations

Your one-stop shop for interesting discussions with wandering viewpoints, odd news commentary, and food talk.

Double X Quantimino

Sophie’s Choice

Do Burrito or Gemini agree with Claudio’s choice?

Ref: Claudio Sanchez Picks Best Coheed and Cambria Song for Introducing New Fans

Ghosts vs Cockroaches

Arthur the Arbiter: Did Billie Eilish use the McDonald’s app for free fries?

Quarter Pounder Review

KFC Japan releases official “how to eat fried chicken” guide

Apex Mexican food and the case of diminishing return

This Is The Newz

There are 5 fewer Doritos per bag now thanks to inflation

Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand is making ear-shaped weed gummies

California city may declare Chick-fil-A a “public nuisance”

‘Wheel of Fortune’: Misheard Eurythmics Song Lyric Sabotages Contestant

Burrito’s Nippon News

72-year-old Japanese woman has sights on 20th World Bench Press Championship in a row

Japan’s “all-you-can-quit” job-quitting service not what it seems, is also sneakily hard to quit

Japanese fast food chain serves up burgers with Camembert “buns”

What I Had For Lunch

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