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Episode 229: Voices of Greason

Episode 229: Voices of Greason
Slam City
Episode 229: Voices of Greason

Hold on to your pueblos while you travel through the Quantimino™ with triple uranium hosts Gemini, Burrito, and Arthur as they bring you into their thought-provoking and entertaining conversations.

Double X Quantimino

Tech trends, old and new: Phone calling, paper, digital, wet signatures, cursive, checks

A look back at the cord-cutting movement

Food porn, ASMR, mukbang, pimple-popping, feet

Invents the Newz: Bitdefender Uncovers Serious Flaws In Wyze Security Cameras

Connected security cameras with streaming video and two-way audio are a great way to keep tabs on what happens at your home when you’re not there. They can also be a great way for hackers to spy on and terrorize victims.

Having a tinkle, a piddle? Draining the ol’ lizard? Taking a whizz, a leak, ‘scuse me but I gotta see a man about a horse… So many ways to say it but the real question is: sit or stand? Wait, is that a question? Smahtman Burrito whips out the stats!

Do men in Japan stand or sit to urinate? Survey reveals some surprising discoveries about men’s toilet habits.

This Is The Newz

It Seems Like a Lot of You Are Cheating at Wordle

Is Someone (Really) Trying To Sue Burger King Over Too-Small Burgers?

Study Finds More Americans Have Anal Sex Than Use Twitter

Man at hotel accidentally shoots himself in testicles

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Japanese hot spring charges almost 35 bucks for bucket of uncooked carrots, otaku likely to pay up

Japanese government now officially allowed to use question marks and exclamation points

Two men hit by woman falling out of window… who was looking at another man who fell off rooftop

What I Had For Lunch

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