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Episode 232: Pop Punk Part 3

Episode 232: Pop Punk Part 3
Slam City
Episode 232: Pop Punk Part 3

Discover what everyone on the other side of the tracks is raving about and listen to the thought-provoking conversations from the scholar-gentlemen of Slam City about pop-punk music and odd but interesting news.

Alternate episode title: “Part Three of a Review of the 100 Greatest Pop Punk Songs of All Time (and Then Some)”

Discarded episode title candidates: “The Worst You Take From Every Heart You Break”, “Crashing a Hotel Room”, “Mausoleum”

Double X Quantimino

Slam City Reviews’s “The 100 greatest pop punk songs of all time”, Part 3: 50 through 16

Counting down the 100 best songs in the genre’s history, from Ramones Green Day to Blink-182 and Paramore.

Happy birthday Windows 3.1, it’s been a great 30 years

Windows 3.1 is now 30 years old. The operating system launched back on April 6, 1992, and introduced several features that have since become ubiquitous.

This Is The Newz

Lovestruck man fell for ‘Esther’ who he met online – but was fleeced of £160,000

Body of slain Maryland rapper Goonew propped up on nightclub stage in ‘horrifying’ display for public showing: reports

Human Corpse Ejected From Transport Van, Horse In Trailer OK In Multi-Vehicle Crash On Route 17

Whataburger debuts Spicy Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, 2 new items

Lawsuit: MultCo man finds semen in salad at Red Robin

St. Louis restaurant stands up to Los Angeles ‘influencer,’ strikes nerve

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Japanese man caught using fake IDs to sneak into matchmaking parties with younger women

70-year-old arrested after brawl with over 10 bikers

Senior in Takaoka City arrested for stealing up to 50 tanuki statues

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