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Episode 235: Magnanimous

Episode 235: Magnanimous
Slam City
Episode 235: Magnanimous

The World’s First Quantimino Powered Podcast is recorded especially for you at the Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District.

Double X Quantimino

Brian Goes to Europe – train drama, did Brian get laid?, etc.

Me-date revisited. Did Brian break his $25 high watermark on his Eurotrip?

Brian’s Nickelbox, Phoenix Edition: System of a Down – When I was younger, I put System of a Down in my nickelbox and burnt it. And now it rises from the ashes.

What song(s) put them in the Nickelbox in the first place?

What song(s) put them in the Phoenixelbox?

Art the Arbiter – America’s Drive-In Sonic sucks more than ever

This Is The Newz

Dog abandoned for being ‘gay’ gets adopted by a gay couple

300 Drones Formed a QR Code That Rick Rolled Dallas on April Fools’ Day

Author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ now on trial for husband’s murder

Metairie man rigs flash bang in truck to deter break-ins

Michigan rep who pushed drunk-driving expungement arrested on 2nd OWI charge

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Soak in a sand bath in Beppu, Japan’s famous onsen region

For those who want it thiccc – Japanese vending machine allows you to choose drink thickness

For the working otaku – Convertible bags you can take to work and anime/idol events

What I Had For Lunch

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