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Episode 238: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Pants

Episode 238: Where We’re Going, You Don’t Need Pants
Slam City
Episode 238: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Pants

The World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast is recorded at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District and features star players Gemini Jackson, Wes Burrito, Brian McFly, and Arthur Dood. Bring a change of clothes.

Double X Quantimino

Arthur needs more schooling on this dining out/tipping game, or maybe he just needs a refresher.

Burrito’s Nickelbox: rap-rock that’s not Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock

BNN Preview: Anime waifus, you know ’em, we love ’em! Especially the cartoon physics that govern the gravity defying quivering titties, the jiggling jugs, the booby bounce! Burrito motorboats his way up the timestream to find the source of all this titillating movement.

Ref: When was the first anime breast bounce? Japanese Twitter debates

Famous manga artist claims famous character designer was the perky pioneer, but not everyone is convinced.

This Is The Newz

Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican Pizza

DJ Khaled’s Another Wing Unveils Plant-Based Wings

Carjacker beats up 72-year-old, takes car, only to die in crash

Florida bride and caterer charged with lacing wedding food with cannabis

Scientists Want to Probe Uranus With a New Spacecraft

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Hokkaido man found naked in laundromat in middle of the night

Kyoto City official arrested for bribery with old-timey gold coin

“I’ll draw one animal for every retweet!” Japanese artist now has to draw 22,000 animals

What I Had For Lunch

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