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Episode 245: Allegory By The Slice

Episode 245: Allegory By The Slice
Slam City
Episode 245: Allegory By The Slice

Gemini, Burrito, and Arthur take you on an almost hour-long conversation made up of observations, insight, realizations, odd news commentary, and what they had for lunch.

Double X Quantimino

Gemini reviews the HBO miniseries Chernobyl

Etymology: Braggadocious

Joy dish soap for handwashing

Booking a doctor’s appointment

Arthur the Arbiter seeks tips to hack AYCE sushi

Minutiae Moment: Saving a dime on a gallon of gasoline ain’t worth the effort these days.

This Is The Newz

Ex-deputy accused of posing as wedding guest to steal gifts

Man arrested for opening door, walking on wing as jet taxis at O’Hare

Fei Long Will Never Appear In Street Fighter Again

Apple discontinues the iPod

Barnacles over boots? City to try new parking enforcement tech

Painting worth £740,000 ruined after ‘bored’ security guard draws eyes on it

Crash covers Missouri road in cans of hard seltzer

Woman exits vehicle in drive thru, car crashes over Chick-fil-A retaining wall

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Six members of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces face punishment for unauthorized curry-eating

New Zero-Second Chicken Ramen leaves zero reasons not to be eating ramen right now

Lowest-rated portable bathtub on Amazon Japan

What I Had For Lunch

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