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Episode 251: Diluvium

Episode 251: Diluvium [202308-JB]
Slam City
Episode 251: Diluvium

We have the greatest conversations ever had by any living beings in the universe and quadruple dare you to disagree. You won’t hear any recordings better with dudes in a booth discussing the most interesting topics of the week.

Double X Quantimino

Memory Lane: Gleeking

Maker’s Mark Commercial

You shockin’ yourself?

McFly ruined Arthur’s week by paying full price for the McFly Meal.

How much to give to a GoFundMe?

This Is The Newz

Lizzo rerecords ‘Grrrls’ following criticism over ableist lyric

GEICO to pay $5.2M to woman who says she caught STD in former partner’s car

Two rescued after falling into M&M Mars factory chocolate tank

Company offering $2K to release 100 cockroaches in your home

US Man Arrested Thrice in 3 Weeks For Having Too Many Bird Feeding Trays

Woman woke up from a coma to discover her fiancé ghosted her

If You Blended Up Everyone in the World, It Would Create a Meatball That Fits in Central Park

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Spicy fish egg theme park opens newest location in Gunma Prefecture

Tokyo rapper arrested for tagging Yamanote Line while drunk

Weird Japanese vending machine find of the day: Cream in cans?

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Mixed by Undogmatic