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Episode 257: The Night, Act I – Sauce

Episode 257: The Night, Act I - Sauce
Slam City
Episode 257: The Night, Act I - Sauce

Gemini, Brian, and Arthur record another triple uranium episode at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District with conversations about life, lunch, and odd news.

Double X Quantimino



You have 90 minutes to kill in a waiting room. No phone. No Internet. How are you passing the time?

Sex toys no longer taboo but why can’t we casually bring up butt plugs?

This Is The Newz

Worker who was accidentally paid 300 times his salary takes the money and runs

Call to tighten New Zealand law that allows public pooing if no one watching

Nancy Reagan, former first lady, is honored with new ‘Forever Stamp’

New Port Richey man arrested after throwing hot dog at St. Pete officer

Bear dramatically falls from 49-foot-tall tree

What I Had For Lunch

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