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Episode 265: Panic Mixie Dream Boats

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 265: Panic Mixie Dream Boats

Manic pixie dream boats young and old, stuff your ear holes with a mixtape from Felonious Cheeseburger.

Double X Quantimino

One of Mike’s Minions called Arthur “boss”

Is Jersey Mike’s sandwiches really “a sub above”?

Brian McFly is not a manic pixie dream boy boat.

Idris won’t be the next 007.

This Is The Newz

Top scientist admits ‘space telescope image’ was actually a slice of chorizo

FDA approves first condom specifically intended for anal sex

Semi-truck full of Bud Light overturns on Kentucky highway spilling cans everywhere

Truck loses porta-potties on highway; several cars damaged

Reusable Toilet Cloth Viral Trend Is Making People Cringe

Man Hid Cherry Pies Under Women’s Car Tires To See Them Bend Over

Ex-Ohio court mediator arrested; allegedly sent feces to GOP

Constipated bloke had water bottle up his bum but was too scared to tell wife

Couple charged for allegedly having sex on Giant Wheel at Cedar Point

GA murder suspect arrested after calling the police over cold fries

Man accused of shooting NYC McDonald’s worker over cold fries slapped with 2020 murder charge

Wendy’s worker charged with murder after punching customer in Prescott Valley

Boyfriend Jailed After Felonious Cheeseburger Battery At Burger King

Chicken wing prices are cheaper now than they were before the pandemic

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