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Episode 267: Echoes From An Uncanny Valley

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 267: Echoes From An Uncanny Valley

A deep but humorous discussion between alleged humanoids about observations and experiences in the macrocosm. Is this sentient AI or just some funny people trying to make you chuckle?

Double X Quantimino

Brainstorm: Brian’s one-hour comedy special announcer intro

Wrestler names

Finishing touches

Kangaroo nipples

Paper coupons, moldy bacon, free bacon

The Unwatch List – Something you watched, even invested time in, that you wish you could unwatch and get your time back

This Is The Newz

Las Vegas landlord requires tenant on Section 8 to sign sex contract in order to lease home

Missing child found in Florida teacher’s home

Man who intended to resell body parts on Facebook allegedly bought stolen human remains

A woman drove 60 yards through the second floor of a mall in the Boston area

Old laptop hard drives will allegedly crash when exposed to Janet Jackson music

What I Had For Lunch

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