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Episode 269: Grab Your Goggles

Episode 269: Grab Your Goggles
Slam City
Episode 269: Grab Your Goggles

Join Gemini, Brian, Burrito, and Arthur for a long conversation covering assorted topics about life, odd news, and what they had for lunch.

Double X Quantimino

The Burrito Bandito moved into a new glory hole

Irreplaceable nostalgia

Holding parking spots

“We didn’t have coffee.”

Is Leonardo DiCaprio playing Brian McFly in the Slam City movie?

Swiped on a shorty

Six bucks to eternal sunshine Brian’s mind to remember Alyssa P at QT

What’s your Cheers?

Gemini’s brownies were not delivered

Peter Popoff’s miracle water

Samus Aran’s Zero Suit

This Is The Newz

See Papa John’s new pizza bowls: Just toppings, no crust

Archaeologists discover one of the largest phallic sculptures of ancient Rome

Cheap rental trucks are the trendy new date night hotspot

Scared beachgoers call police over ‘murdered woman’ as sex doll washes up

(Lovefool feline singalong)

Oscar Mayer Introduces First-Ever Hot Dog-Flavored Ice Pops

Fan to marry a can of Hard Mountain Dew in Vegas ceremony

Alfredo sauce spill partially closes Tennessee highway

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Tufts of shed polar bear fur among the gacha prizes at Japan’s newest crazy capsule toy machine

(“Tufts of shed polar bear fur” to the tune of Scar Tissue + chimpanzee epithets)

Super Mario umbrellas let you recreate scenes from the Nintendo classic on rainy days

Saiki City accidentally let resident claim 1.3 million yen in gift certificates

What I Had For Lunch

Tentative titles: Bellyflops and Fever Dreams, Three Irises and a Slide, Lost in the Sauce, Drenched

Deepfake Sponsors: Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Thicccum Farmz