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Episode 272: Your Bag Is Dragging on the Floor, Dolores

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 272: Your Bag Is Dragging on the Floor, Dolores

Enjoy a conversation between four scholarly gentlemen that might make you think, laugh, and/or cry.

Double X Quantimino

Irreplaceable Nostalgia – The Price Is Right

Crip walk

Guestimation Unknown – Art brings a trivial stat, then your star players guess how many

Human trafficking in the marijuana farming industry

Measurable Twerk Capability

Wilson Phillips

Your exclusive audience

Compiling “The Hits” for Spotify, 3 songs

A True or False (Hot or Not) for McFly – Anna Sorokin

This Is The Newz

A Georgia woman found over $500 in her KFC sandwich after the restaurant misplaced its daily deposit

Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey arrested for allegedly biting man’s nose after Arkansas college football game

OnlyFans star saves customer’s life after noticing detail in x-rated chat

Denver man found guilty for killing of 21-year-old woman over dog poop

Daughter sleeps with father’s best man at wedding: ‘Dad doesn’t know’

Burrrito’s Nippon Newz

Japan’s “rent a middle-aged man service” marks its 10th year in business

Pepsi releases a new cola in Japan specifically for karaage fried chicken

Dead body found in car in parking lot in Japan, police say it may have been there over two years

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