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Episode 274: Boys Only Presents PILLOW FORT!!

Episode 274: Boys Only Presents PILLOW FORT!!
Slam City
Episode 274: Boys Only Presents PILLOW FORT!!

After your pillow fort is built, grab your best pair of headphones and tune in to The World’s First Quantimino Powered Podcast™.

Double X Quantimino

Your bidding wars

Avril Lavigne – Pop punk’s princess? Or pop punk’s queen?

Arthur the Arbiter – Everyone is ten cents away from not going to Sonic.

Gender popcorn

Guestimation Unknown – the price of eggs

You have one hour.


Brian’s JDate

Monster Reserve Orange Creamsicle

This Is The Newz

86-year-old bodybuilder breaks own record as oldest to compete in Japan championships

Want to steal a ‘World’s Hottest Gummy Bear’, local pharmacy says you probably shouldn’t

Champagne Room Remorse? Men Claim Foul Play in Giant Strip Club Bills

Blink-182 reunites for world tour and new music

Burrrito’s Nippon Newz

Japanese senior citizen arrested for hammering voodoo dolls of Putin to Shinto shrine trees

Your search for free-to-use photos of buff shirtless Japanese dudes in a hotel is over!

Sanrio’s 2022 popularity ranking brings fans to tears after character’s shock return to top ten

Survey picks “thin” as second-least-attractive body type for Japanese women

Tentative titles: “Eighteen Cowboyz”, “Five Minutes, Turkish”

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