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Episode 275: Northeast Glisan Street

Episode 275: Northeast Glisan Street
Slam City
Episode 275: Northeast Glisan Street

On a relaxing October morning, Gemini, Brian, Burrito, and Arthur, with their special guests Kit and Ignacio, recorded this episode of Slam City with their phones in an Airbnb near Northeast Glisan Street in Portland, Oregon. You’re a fly on the wall.

Double X Quantimino

Throwback music

The Slam City “time travel” trope

A lyrical discussion: “Four of fish and finger pies” – What would you do for a finger pie?

Headline: I used a dating app to meet millionaires. I got to travel the world, get fancy gifts, and learn a lot from my relationships.

BNN on DXQ: Do most Japanese Gen Z music lovers skip the guitar solo in songs? Survey finds out

This Is The Newz

SJFD investigates video of bikini-clad woman exiting fire truck

What Would You Pay for an Empty Chip Bag?

Doctor Removes 23 Forgotten Contact Lenses From Patient’s Eye

Thumbs-up emoji branded ‘inappropriate’ by Gen-Z – but older generations stand by it

Burrrito’s Nippon Newz

Vending machine with in-flight meals becomes a sell-out hit at Haneda Airport in Japan

Akiba Dental Clinic: The Akihabara dentist where a moe maid in cosplay cleans your teeth

Robot finger covered in living skin developed by University of Tokyo

Hosts: Gemini Jackson, Brian McFly, The Burrito Bandito, Arthur Dood

Special Guests: Kit Hunter, Ignacio Bullfrog

Audio Editor: Jaymark

Mixing Assistant: Undogmatic

Deepfake Sponsors: Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Thicccum Farmz