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Episode 276: Forget The Lmnz

Episode 276: Forget The Lmnz
Slam City
Episode 276: Forget The Lmnz

Escape with your part-time friends Gemini, Brian, Burrito, and Arthur as they discuss “pumping”, a parking lot staredown, calling dibs at a long pig feast, downloading music, a mystery lottery winner, harem anime, odd news, Nippon news, and what The Burrito Bandito had for lunch.

Double X Quantimino


Us Versus Youts, a Target parking lot staredown

A Long Pig Feast – Which piece(s) are you calling dibs?

Napster, Morpheus, Kazaa, Soulseek, et al: the pirated music downloaded services that left us with different impressions of albums that shaped us

Wishful thinking – lottery winnings windfall and how it would affect you – commentary on news story: Mystery lottery winner in cartoon costume: Chinese man who won US$30.6 million jackpot keeps windfall secret so family won’t become conceited

“A man in southern China who won just under 220 million yuan (US$30.6 million) in the lottery said he had not told his wife and child because he was worried the money could make them arrogant and lazy.”


This Is The Newz

NASCAR racer stuns crowd, uses video game-inspired technique to qualify for championship

1959 Chevy Corvette Seized by Police Returned to Owner After 5 Years With $28K in Damage

We’re naming our baby after a restaurant chain – people say he’ll be bullied

Ex-Heavyweight Boxer Charged After $1B Cocaine Haul Seized

Scientists Finally Learned More About the Clitoris

Food that looks like family: Michigan mom makes hilarious meatloaf resembling her son

484 pounds of bologna and 285 pounds of cheese seized at the Texas border, feds say

Convicted USF medical services accountant claims nearly half of stolen $12.8M went to ‘webcam’ girlfriend

Coal spills along Kansas highway after semi rollover

Burrrito’s Nippon Newz

Personal information of everyone in Amagasaki City lost by person who passed out drunk on street

Ruling reached in lawsuit between 7-Eleven Japan, rogue owner who didn’t stay open 24 hours a day

Burger King Japan offering all-you-can-eat quadruple cheeseburgers

What The Burrito Bandito Had For Lunch

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