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Episode 277: The Dogga Collection, Hot Takes, and Pontifications Under Duress

Episode 277: The Dogga Collection, Hot Takes, and Pontifications Under Duress
Slam City
Episode 277: The Dogga Collection, Hot Takes, and Pontifications Under Duress

A glitch in the Quantimino caused the DXQ session for this episode to not be captured on the audio recording device. Instead of our usual amazing banter, we start you off with a continuation of the Booba Gettz story dreamed up by ChatGPT and read by a human. Then, we put together an encore presentation of a multi-part highlight from Season 3, “DOGGA, The Dog Saga” with some selected audio gems from previous episodes mixed in. Nearing the hour mark is most of the salvaged audio after the glitch.

“A Possible Continuation of the Story of Booba Gettz Getting Stuck in the Quantimino” by ChatGPT, narrated by Tyranbell

DOGGA, The Dog Saga: The Complete Collection + Hot Takes from Double X Quantimino

“A Tipping Conspiracy”, from Episode 210

“Dogga, The Dog Saga – Part 1: The Note”, from Episode 210

“Cookie”, from Episode 221

“Cuatro Leches Cake”, from Episode 221

“Dogga, The Dog Saga – Part 2: Neighbors Downstairs”, from Episode 213

“Steel Drumz”, from Episode 212

“Dogga, The Dog Saga – Part 3: Pete and Kathleen”, from Episode 215

“Tamale Pilot”, from Episode 211

“Dogga, The Dog Saga – Part 4: Cuadraphonic Canine Cacophony”, from Episode 219

“Ramen Coke”, from Episode 213

“Dogga, The Dog Saga – Part 5: PAID Parking Spot”, from Episode 236

“Fred Flintstone”, from Episode 211

“Dogga, the Dog Saga – Part 6: Revenge?”, from Episode 249

This Is The Newz

“The Great Monkey Escape: Monkeys escape after truck carrying 100 animals to a laboratory crashes in US”, from Episode 217

At about 55:36, the salvaged audio from the Slam City episode “Pontification Under Duress” begins.

Newz (continued)

Man repulsed as he learns girlfriend of three years showers once every 2 weeks

‘World’s dirtiest man’ Amou Haji — who last showered 60 years ago — dead at 94

Deepfaked: ‘They put my face on a porn video’

B.C. man who paid sex worker $300 ‘out of kindness’ pleads guilty to assault

Customer Calls Out Burger King Pricing: ‘Makes No Sense’

Antihistamines found in street drugs, hampers effectiveness of naloxone

Man Allergic to His Own Orgasm Actively Avoids Sleeping With Girlfriend

Motorcycle rider arrested after speeding at 115 MPH, flipping off Las Vegas police

Headless body trial: Woman guilty of murdering and decapitating friend

Father, son convicted in assault spurred by Pokemon Go

Burrrito’s Nippon Newz

Aichi woman arrested for mixing human excrement into school lunch

Demand for Poop Money Drill textbooks backed up, orders suspended until system cleared out

Japanese company develops trash can that freezes garbage to prevent bad smells

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