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Episode 283: Cartesian Others

Episode 283: Cartesian Others
Slam City
Episode 283: Cartesian Others

Gemini, Brian, and Arthur discuss traffic, sheets, Ramones, Elizabeth Holmes, panhandlers, a $10 breakfast, weighted blankets, Tevin and Kevin, brain-altering parasites, a $1,000 tip, imported sex dolls, and more odd news.

Double X Quantimino

You are the law. If you had the superpowers to enforce traffic or deliver your own justice, would you?


The KKK Took My Baby Away

Hypothetical Meta Analysis – Elizabeth Holmes, Toxic Ladyboss

Giving a Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Extra Crinkle-cut Pickles to a Panhandler

Arthur the Arbiter – Look, I get it BUT Eggs Any Style $10?! Two farm fresh eggs any style, homemade biscuit, choice of bacon or house sausage

This Is The Newz

Target recalls children’s weighted blankets due to 2 asphyxiation deaths

Florida Man Beat Roommate’s Raccoon with Hammer, Threatened to Kill Neighbor with Sewing Needle

McDonald’s delivers empty wrapper to man who unticked every item on his order

M&S executive caught with ecstasy pills and cocaine stuffed inside bra in Fabric

‘Toxic masculinity’ may be caused by an actual, infectious, brain-altering parasite

Florida server surprised with $1,000 tip

Carjackers interrupt couple having sex, leave them naked in the streets

South Korea ends ban on imported sex dolls

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