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Episode 286: Rabbit Season

Episode 286: Rabbit Season
Slam City
Episode 286: Rabbit Season

Midnight snacks, palindromes, 27 years at Burger King, Get 1 Free deals, 400 pushups, pay yourself first, Papa Johns, Evo Moment #37, Corn Flakes, ramen’s history, Newz, BNN, and maybe more than most podcast listeners can handle.

Double X Quantimino

Midnight snacks


Working at Burger King for 27 years with perfect attendance

Buy 3, Get 1 Free

400 pushups for punishment

Bad money habits – pay yourself first with at least 10% into savings?

Was the apostrophe so wet that it fell off!?

Evo Moment #37

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were created as an ‘anti-masturbatory morning meal’?

Reloading a location-specific payment card

Arthur’s revised thoughts on ramen

This Is The Newz

Recent rains cause Whiskeytown Lake to spill into the Glory Hole

Man accused of shooting other man after oral sex meetup in Florida City

Billionaire Larry Ellison got a speeding ticket on an island he owns while driving a Corvette and told the cop there’s ‘no excuse’

FEMA fires group for nonsensical Alaska Native translations

Amazon delivery driver’s fingertip is left in letterbox after accident

Man arrested for having sex with cow, sent to psychiatrist

“Boy Meets World’s” William Daniels Was In An “Open Marriage” With His Wife Before One Of His Affairs “Devastated” Her

Southbound I-71 reopens after beer truck overturns

Girl, 13, leads Nebraska troopers on 100 mph chase with boy, 11, in the passenger seat

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

69-year-old Tokyo man arrested for driving without a license for over 50 years

Monkeys have attacked more than 60 people in three weeks in one Japanese town

Krispy Kreme releases tit doughnuts in Japan

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