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Episode 288: Waxing Gibbons

Episode 288: Waxing Gibbons
Slam City
Episode 288: Waxing Gibbons

Lasagna hogs, tuna, MeToo’d, tipping robots, a re-enactment at a gas station, Kadabra, LVTOFU, woodcocks, condom-wrapped banana extraction, $295K for a testicle, quolls, $1.5M in stolen chicken wings, fast food Newz, a wearable beanbag, real-time shade info, Ice Whopper, and Yakuza-theme love hotel rooms.

Double X Quantimino

Palindromes follow-up: “go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog”

Tuna salad vs tuna sushi

Hypothetical Meta Analysis – Slam City Gets MeToo’d

The easiest answer to a not-so-deep dive – Should you tip a robot? But the real matter here: Service charges!?

Re-enactment – Gas station staff left horrified after finding severed human penis in car park

This Is The Newz

Kadabra Will Finally Return To Pokémon Card Game After 18-Year Ban

Texas DMV rejects vegan license plate for ‘vulgar’ phrase

Bird charity locked out of Twitter after woodcock tweets

Surgeons extract condom-wrapped banana man ate in ‘hormonal rage’ fit

Man who lost testicle from getting hit by supervisor awarded more than $295,000

Sex and no sleep may be killing endangered quolls

Vera Liddell allegedly stole $1.5M in chicken wings from Illinois schools

Salty strike: Arby’s employees quit after posting vulgar message on restaurant sign

A Chick-fil-A restaurant’s traffic got so bad that city officials ordered it to be demolished and plan to build a new drive-thru-only location

Burger King’s Latest International Menu Item Does Not Sound Very Appetizing…Or Does It

Wearable Beanbag becomes a hot topic in Japan

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Real-time shade information added to walking app from Navitime Japan

World’s first Ice Whopper on the menu at Burger King Japan

Yakuza-themed love hotel rooms! Great for couples, friends, and business meetings, owners say

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