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Episode 294: Tabitha, Chivalry, and the Scientific Method

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 294: Tabitha, Chivalry, and the Scientific Method

The scientific method, buying tickets, first movie on a date at home, $3 for cheese on a burger, chivalry was killed, teledildonics, Crispr baby, stop Rickrolling, The Big Nasty, Newz, Ninja Bear, trains, and raincoats.

Pre-game: The Scientific Method

Double X Quantimino

Buying tickets then and now

Calling All Casanovas & Don Juans, Part 2 – A Movie

A woman ghosted a date because he wouldn’t order $3 cheese for his burger

Chivalry didn’t die, it was killed


You found out that you’re a Crispr baby

Stop Rickrolling

Slam City Lucha Libre – The Burrito Bandito vs The Big Nasty

This Is The Newz

Man who killed 3 people, cut heart out and cooked it pleads guilty in Oklahoma

Security guard dragged by truck while chasing person who stole 3-foot foam carrot from Clearview Mall’s Easter display

Norfolk burglar stole sex toy after break in through dog flap

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Giant “Ninja Bear” has been attacking dairy farms in Hokkaido for three years

Japanese public broadcaster issues apology for calling a train a “train”

Japan’s Raincoat Man arrested for stealing 360 women’s raincoats

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