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Episode 295: Charm School

Episode 295: Charm School
Slam City
Episode 295: Charm School

The Mayor Pro Tem Boston Cream Cake story is retold. A customized aroma collection for Slam City is workshopped. Motor vehicle operators must now be able to also properly operate a bicycle. A mother’s daughter asks for $4 to pay for a classmate’s field trip fee, but Mom says no. Cassettes are limited edition collectibles now? Arthur was late to the recording session, so no Newz this episode. The Burrito Bandito brings odd news from Japan about a briefcase filled with adult toys, bears serving coffee through a hole in the wall, and a straight-bar keyboard. If your attention span takes you to 45:03, Jaymark takes you time-traveling.

Double X Quantimino

Gemini and The Burrito Bandito explain Mayor Pro Tem to Brian and the listener.

Slam City’s Aroma Collection – Barbacoa, Olympic Swimming Pool, Grundle, Clam City (Glitter + Shame), and Nostalgia Stage Two

Hypothetical Meta Analysis – To legally operate a motor vehicle, one of the requirements is that an applicant must be able to properly operate a bicycle.

Did she make the right decision? A mother declines to give her daughter $4 to pay for another classmate’s field trip fee.

When did collectible limited edition cassettes become a thing? Do I need to dig out my old Walkman? As The Burrito Bandito was swinging and missing on buying a copy of the Coheed and Cambria SSTB vinyl repress, pronoun noticed a cassette section in Equal Vision’s store.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Bomb squad in Japan summoned to take care of an abandoned briefcase full of adult toys

Bears serve environmentally friendly coffee and treats via a hole in the wall at new Tokyo cafe

Google Japan creates the Key Bou, an insane and logical straight-bar keyboard

After Party: A brief review of Martin House Brewing Company Raspberry Mochi fruited sour + tips on meeting women

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