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Episode 296: IDDQD

Episode 296: IDDQD
Slam City
Episode 296: IDDQD

X-Men intimacy, John Stamos gets crowned, a Friends smashup, eat a McGlizzy, where to find grapefruit gelatin, mustaches, Batgirl, what pandemic?, the Blue October Girl archetype, losing 30 lb eating McDonald’s, Luby’s Hamber Alert, a teenager pretends to be a physician’s assistant to access a hospital, mammoth meatballs, knockoff designer brands, a hacker returns $200M, naked man drives school bus, a gang member with Down syndrome, all you can eat ice cream and frozen food, an English-speaking-only bar in Japan, a woman defrauds men for 4.4M yen.

Double X Quantimino

The best X-Men with which to have sex

John Stamos

Friends Smashup

The McGlizzy

Getting grapefruit gelatin for your bae


That canceled Batgirl movie

How We Buried A Pandemic

Blue October Girl

This Is The Newz

Man eating McDonald’s for 100 days is down nearly 30 lb so far — and now his wife is joining him

Luby’s apologizes for ham-handed promotion

Teenage imposter gains access to two Slam City South South hospitals

Meatball from long-extinct mammoth created by food firm

Customs officers seize more than $700,000 of knockoff Gucci, Chanel, other designer brands

Hacker Behind $200M Euler Attack Apologizes, Returns Millions in Ether, Dai to Protocol

Naked man driving stolen school bus with dead deer inside leads police on chase

Alleged gang member with Down syndrome indicted in separate Chicago murders

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

All you can eat ice cream and frozen food restaurant becomes a hit in Akihabara

English-speaking-only bar opens in Osaka and Tokyo, yellow cards for those who don’t follow rules

Shiga woman defrauded 4.4M yen by man asking for money to fly down from the ISS and marry her

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