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Episode 300: Flat Circle Omakase Symphony

Episode 300: Flat Circle Omakase Symphony
Slam City
Episode 300: Flat Circle Omakase Symphony

Wrestling entrance songs, NDAs, time is an illusion / social construct / flat circle, the bar scene, boys and girls’ bikes, mermaid statue, drugs shipped to restaurant, $120K banana, penis surgery gone wrong, orgasm heard at LA Philharmonic concert, fish semen on the sushi menu, Betty at 92’s male striptease show, all-you-can eat cookie cafe, beautiful women on apartment visits, JP government seeks power to control AC remotely

Double X Quantimino

Wrestling entrance songs – Brian: Let’s Get Reptarded, Art: The War, GMN: Hero, Burrito: Simon Says

Reality show NDA

Entrance songs but only from James Bond movies

Time is an illusion and a social construct

Time is a flat circle

A homunculus amunculus

The bar scene

Boys and girls’ bikes

This Is The Newz

Mermaid statue causes stir in southern Italy

Man arrested after $3M worth of drugs shipped to restaurant

Banana drama: ‘hungry’ South Korean student eats $120,000 artwork

Man dies after penis enhancement surgery goes wrong

Woman’s ‘loud and full body orgasm’ heard during LA Philharmonic concert

Michelin star chef inspired to add ‘fish semen’ to the menu at high-end restaurant

Care home resident fulfills dream of watching male striptease show at 92

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Reminder: Japan has awesome all-you-can-eat cookies cafés

Tokyo real estate agency sends beautiful women with you on apartment visits for date-like mood

Japanese government seeking power to turn down private home air conditioners remotely

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