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Episode 304: Toss The Sauce

Episode 304: Toss The Sauce
Slam City
Episode 304: Toss The Sauce

Carnevil, The House of the Dead, Etsy, milk glass, laundry frequency, finger lickin’ good, high flying birds and fearless flying frogs, motorcycle ride with one helmet, 23 cents, Lemon Party, neighbor sues over medical weed smell, drunk duck fights dog, three men and a giant inflatable duck, cocaine on Sonic hot dog, drunk politician doing pullups inside train, 85-year-old great grandmother virtual YouTuber, police mascot flipping bird stickers

Double X Quantimino

Carnevil or The House of the Dead?

Arthur the Arbiter – Item title and options mislead. An Etsy review.

Milk glass and Brian’s grandfather’s glass collection

The ‘no-wash’ and ‘low-wash’ movement – how often is your denim washed

“finger lickin’ good”

High flying birds and fearless flying frogs

Hypothetical Meta Analysis – motorcycle ride, one helmet

23 cents

Lemon Party documentary

This Is The Newz

Judge orders DC man to stop smoking medical weed at home after neighbor sues over smell

Duck walks into pub, drinks pint, fights dog, loses

Three men swept out to sea on giant inflatable duck

New Mexico woman finds cocaine on Sonic hot dog

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Drunk Japanese politician in trouble for doing pullups inside moving train

85-year-old great-grandmother from Hiroshima is Japan’s newest virtual YouTuber/idol

Tokyo couple caught making stickers with police mascot flipping bird

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