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TBT: Episode 19

Slam City Amateur Hour
Slam City Amateur Hour TBT
TBT: Episode 19

Originally published on August 22nd, 2010.

* The Burrito
* Candy Cane

* Butth0le bleaching
* Strip club story
* Fleshlight
* Dan Aykroyd

* Austin Texas city employees accused of padding paychecks
* Prison for legally blind Waco Texas driver over fatality
* Couple steal VCR, Tito’s vodka and 25 pounds of meat
* Bank robber forgets mask
* New York bed bug invasion
* Grisly find in search for Japanese centenarians
* Chinese boy, 10 months, weighs the same as a six-year-old
* Smoking ban in San Antonio
* Money falls from butt during strip search
* Man arrested for attempted rape caught masturbating during interrogation
* Former Austin police officer accused of trading money and drugs for sex
* DWI suspect drives 11 miles without tire
* Top 10 celebrities with highest percentage of risky sites to search
* Unusual foreign bodies removed from patients

* What I Had For Lunch
* Drunk: Sake Fighter II