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Episode 187: Slow-Spinning Redemption

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 187: Slow-Spinning Redemption

The World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast is recorded at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District and features star players Gemini Jackson, Wes Burrito, Brian McFly, and Arthur Dood. Bring a change of clothes.

Pre-show: Brian’s credit, Hockey, Little Caesars.

Double X Quantimino.

School mascots: ants, echidnas, fish, Shin Godzilla.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Robert the Builder.

Etiquette. How to properly eat a sandwich.

Arthur the Arbiter: Chicken wing shortage, $2 surcharge for every 5 wings.

This Is The Newz.

Taco Cabana sells to a national franchisee for $85M in cash; parent company shifts focus to Pollo Tropical.

The Internet Is Losing It Over the ‘Eye of Fire’ Burning in Mexican Waters.

Templeton man agrees to stop mowing his lawn naked after a SLO County sheriff visit.

Dashboard Confessional, Sparta, The Mars Volta, and Brian’s Archetype Emo Girl.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Saitama Police chief arrested busted for stealing toilet paper.

Cops in Japan use a police box as shag shack, one goes on to have a second affair with another officer.

Please take Tokyo Olympics condoms back to your home country and use them there, organizers say.

Bukkake udon gets a new name in the U.S.A. from Marugame Udon.

Burger King Japan’s Ugly Burgers go head-to-head in a battle for flavour.

“Beef Candy” blurs the line between sukiyaki and candy.

More Newz.

After a flight is delayed, then canceled, a passenger uses the emergency exit of the plane on tarmac at Charlotte airport.

‘They said I don’t exist. But I am here’: one woman’s battle to prove she isn’t dead.

A Nation Conceived in Liberty Confronts Its Queasiness With the “MILF Mobile”.

What I Had For Lunch.

After Party: Brian’s Eurotrip.

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Episode 186: DAMB.

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 186: DAMB.

This that Be Praised Mayo, that DJE, that TED Talk, ayy

Watch our soul speak, you let the meds talk, ayy

Double X Quantimino.


Allison Mack.

Iron Kids bread.

Wes Burrito watched Trese on Netflix.

Gemini’s road rage incident.

Swapping boba back and forth.

Human spice.

High school graduation songs.

Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts.

Britney Spears is bringing ska back.

Brian’s Tinder dates get stranger.

This Is The Newz.

Nashville woman sues state officials over license plate deemed ‘offensive’ 10 years later.

17 Injured After Planned Detonation Of Seized Illegal Fireworks Ends In Explosion.

Brewdog: Watchdog urged to probe solid gold can prize claim.

Baton Rouge family surprised by $50B mistaken deposit.

Customer leaves $16,000 tip on $37 bill at New Hampshire bar.

White Influencer Now ‘Classifies As Korean’ After Receiving Surgery To Look Like A Pop Star.

Man upset over lack of dipping sauce makes explosive threat to McDonald’s.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Crackdown on illegal maid cafes looks to be making maids a rarer sight on streets of Akihabara.

Japanese cook shaves his head in apology after gross customer complaint, then things get weird.

Kappa Sushi rents out conveyor belts for diners to use at home.

Reserve your own spot on an uninhabited Japanese island for an unforgettable camping experience.

Talking Attack on Titan anime character robot vacuum promises to clean your “shitty” room.

More Newz.

Peculiar parasitic fungi discovered growing out of the rectum of a 50 million-year-old fossilized ant.

Spectator who caused massive crash at Tour de France missing after fleeing the country.

Something’s fishy: The fight over Subway’s tuna sandwiches opens up a can of worms.

‘God told me to come here’ Louisiana man arrested after getting high and driving to prison.

A Wyoming man calls to ask why he wasn’t arrested, is arrested.

Discovery of ‘Dragon Man’ skull in China prompts rethink of human evolution.

Police break up an exorcism at a Home Depot.

Wont. Whet.

Coined phrases: Joe Rogan rich. Damb.

What I Had For Lunch.

Tater Tots.

Jimmy Thicccum, Thicccum Farmz.

After Party: Fun Guy, Battle of the Buns, Hint of Human, Overcornified: Cuman Bean.

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Episode 185: Everyone Out of the Pool

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 185: Everyone Out of the Pool

You didn’t know you needed Slam City until you couldn’t live without it. If you’re not into Slam City, then it’s not for you. If you are into it, welcome to the club.

Double X Quantimino.

The ska revival is here, but ska never really went away.

Mindy Kaling’s new “Scooby-Doo” spinoff makes many changes.

Scooby-Doo meets Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Faster and Furiouser? F9 marks 20 years since the first release.

Thigh Stop. It’s like Wingstop, but Thighs.

Zettai Ryouiki.

Arthur the Arbiter: Five Percent Off

Eric America calls in: Snails are hermaphrodites. When they mate, they stab a spike into each other. Then their penises go into each other’s vaginas. Whoever placed the spike better has their sperm survive and the other becomes the mother snail.

Get to know your fearless and greasy hosts versus society.

Gemini Alpha Versus Brian’s The One That Got Away.

Songs that use breathing sounds – Tell Me Something Good.

Jimmy Cox.

This Is The Newz.

A herd of cows stampedes through Los Angeles after breaking free from the slaughterhouse.

Lobsters get stoned for science and, shhh, a more humane way to boil them alive.

Scantily-clad fan invades Belgium-Finland Euro 2020 game.

Florida Woman, Naked, Trashes Outback Steakhouse And Throws Wine Bottles At Cops.

Georgia Boy Scouts find empty lot after booking Airbnb rentals in Big Pine Key.

‘I was horrified’: Largo woman discovers $1B in her Chase bank account.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

A Shinkansen driver was disciplined for taking a poop break while the train was going 150 kilometers an hour.

New unstaffed store in Tokyo sells entrails 24 hours a day.

Japanese woman asks for advice on how to deal with the smell of son’s corpse and gets arrested.

Crazy pigeon dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend being delisted for PlayStation, iOS, and Android.

Original McDonald’s character Speedee makes a comeback in Japan.

More Newz.

Coors Is Releasing An Orange Hard Seltzer Ice Cream Infused With Booze.

Mouse plague forces an Australian prison to evacuate.

Elderly zoo penguin with arthritis gets shoes to provide relief.

42,000 pounds of missing pistachios leads to possible illegal pistachio operation.

Web designer gives his baby boy bonkers name in homage to his profession.

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 184: King Cone

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 184: King Cone

The World’s First Quantimino Powered Podcast is recorded especially for you at the Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District.

Double X Quantimino.

What are you ordering from the Ice Cream Truck?

Favorite news tropes for our non-NFT trading cards.

Among Us BTS McNuggets.

Arthur the Arbiter had an actual BTS Meal.

True or false: Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Does Batman go downtown?

This Is The Newz.

Semi-truck carrying fireworks crashes, catches fire on I-294 in Berkeley.

18 Wheeler spills produce along a highway Sunday morning.

Months-long battle over a $50 parking ticket ends up costing Brookfield thousands.

South Korean designer creates ‘Third Eye’ for ‘smartphone zombies’.

Special Loki Charms Cereal Brings Mischief to Breakfast.

Australian researchers discover why only two of echidna’s four penis heads become erect at one time.

How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. Not long after, the first prostitute monkey appeared.

Naked Florida woman is tasered by the police after trashing a restaurant.

Japan Has Released the World’s First Edible and Functional Face Mask.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Japanese cat owner has to sell sports car to pay for medical bills, finds best buyer in the world.

Domino’s now sells pizza rice bowls in Japan.

Coronavirus gives birth to new “Screambulance” haunted house delivery in Japan.

Suitcase with corpse inside washes up on shore of Japan’s largest lake.

More Newz.

Predictably, people want to rail Samsung’s rejected AI mascot.

‘I was completely inside’: Lobster diver swallowed by humpback whale off Provincetown.

NBC Sh-t Show: ‘Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide’ Production Shut Down Over ‘Explosive Diarrhea’ Outbreak.

Johnny & Jugnu: Fast food staff arrested for not giving police free burgers.

Scots cafe stunned by ransom note demanding cheesecake for safe return of gnome.

eBay bans sales of adult-only items.

Dunkin’s new menu item, Popping Bubbles, explodes in your mouth.

Space Jam! Freeze-dried mouse sperm returns from ISS some six years later to produce healthy ‘space pups’.

An Olympic Hopeful Blames A Burrito For Her Positive Drug Test.

What I Had For Lunch.

After party: Brian’s “The one that got away”

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Episode 183½: The Aight Collection, Volume 5: Sayuri

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 183½: The Aight Collection, Volume 5: Sayuri

The Aight Collection is a medley of choice audio clips from Slam City. Volume 5: Sayuri is a compilation of hand-picked gems from Episodes 162 through 174 of the Slam City podcast. 

The Aight Collection
Volume 5: Sayuri

“The Ingenuity of Our Ancestors”, from Episode 172: Oxford Comma Police

“One More Nerd”, from Episode 166: Life on a Shelf

“The Strive for Five”, from Episode 169: The Fifth Jack by the Eleventh Hour

“Cheetah Symbology”, from Episode 162: Lunch Table

“Own A Hole”, from Episode 168: Onaception

“Vampire Lady”, from Episode 165: Beautiful Mess

“Poophole Loophole”, from Episode 172: Oxford Comma Police

“The Salmon Didn’t Sit Right”, from Episode 168: Onaception

“Breeding Visas”, from Episode 162: Lunch Table

“Femme Fellatale”, from Episode 165: Beautiful Mess

“Multipurpose Hole (Personal Pizza)”, from Episode 164: Slurp Game

“Strong Magma”, from Episode 170: The Call of the Void 

“Corn Detected”, from Episode 163: Tear Up The Check

“Babycoa Street Tacos”, from Episode 171: Books, Farts, and Broken Hearts

“Diet Pepsi”, from Episode 174: Hold Your Breath

“Cheez Whiz”, from Episode 167: Thought Audit

“Doctor Feet”, an outtake from Episode 173: Power Dynamic Thirty

“After Party”, from Episode 174: Hold Your Breath

Slam City: Gemini Jackson, Wes “The Burrito Bandito” Burrito, Brian McFly, Arthur Dood.
Recorded at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District, Slam City USA.
Produced by Arthur Dood for Slam City Radio.
Assistant producer: Jaymark Balenciaga.

Episode 183: Burgers, Marilyn, Gyromite

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 183: Burgers, Marilyn, Gyromite

If you are searching for the most thought-provoking conversations from scholar-gentlemen, then look no further than The World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast. This time around, we navigate a bracket to decide on the best burger in the universe, deliver our infamous odd news commentary, and drop more of that quality banter that you expect from your favorite part-time friends.

Double X Quantimino.

Best Burger Bracket.

Marilyn Monroe: Was she murdered?

How to get rid of triggers with CBT.

Learning Corner: A fossilized turd (coprolite) measuring 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.

More learning: The term “old as f**k”.

Arthur the Arbiter revisits the concept Kids Eat Free.

This Is The Newz.

Steak 48 faces online backlash to new spending minimum, dress code.

Sonic Introduces Bursting Bubbles Drink Lineup.

Teen spent six years digging an underground home in the garden after a fight with parents.

Lil Uzi Vert removes his $24 million diamond that was implanted in his forehead.

Pizza Hut is bringing back a fan favorite, The Edge, a thin-crust pizza “packed with toppings all the way to the edge.

Overdue book returned to Irish library after 64 years.

A Bob Dylan record returned to an Ohio library was 48 years overdue.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Now you can become a cute virtual avatar with just the power of your voice

Japanese masturbatory aid Tenga creates a tissue-dispensing hat for…various purposes.

How to turn McDonald’s chicken nuggets into tasty katsudon in five minutes.

Gyoza Cider: Possibly the worst drink we’ve ever tasted.

Student in Japan leaves a flat-tire bike in the park for a few hours, and finds a surprising letter when he returns.

More Newz.

Children, 12 and 14, use AK-47, other guns in shooting rampage on Volusia deputies.

Man threatened to kill people over a pornographic video.

Teens use beer to help put out a brush fire near Bush Highway.

Drug-sniffing police dogs forced into early retirement as recreational marijuana becomes legalized.

English road left looking like a ‘horror film’ after tomato puree spillage.

Italian Artist Sells An Invisible Sculpture For Real Money.

Former Make-A-Wish Iowa CEO pleads guilty to embezzling nearly $41,000.

“Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink,” Oklahoma City Police search for suspect in local business theft.

What I Had For Lunch.


What would your robot name be?

Brian had one of his songs licensed in a porn video.

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Episode 182: Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pudding

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 182: Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pudding

Discover what everyone on the other side of the tracks is raving about and listen to the thought-provoking conversations from the scholar-gentlemen of Slam City about the finest things in life, odd but interesting news, and the wealth of knowledge around us.

Double X Quantimino.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – Penis Breath.

Arthur the Arbiter: Kids Eat Free.

How Arthur saved another 70 cents: Hacking the BTS Meal at McDonald’s.

The Gemini Jackson Meal.

Brian’s love coach.

Gemini and Arthur order Jimmy John’s in the middle of the show.

Eric America’s cousin Chris Columbus.

Burrito’s Moving Update.

Brian’s Apartment Hunt Update.

Dating app nudes baiting.

This Is The Newz.

Man who can’t remember Bitcoin password says he’s ‘made peace’ with $220M loss.

School decides to cover girls’ chests by altering yearbook photos, St. Johns County students, parents angry.

My wife has 125 lipsticks. Her $11K cosmetics bill is our household’s largest expense — exceeding vehicles and housing.

Walkers stumble across a tonne of cocaine worth £80m on Sussex beach.

Drug dealer jailed after sharing a photo of cheese that included his fingerprints.

Here’s what the BTS McDonald’s meal comes with and when you can get it.

Woman fired from law firm after seen jumping into zoo spider monkey exhibit.

Lego Art World Map set boasts more than 11,000 pieces – the most in a set ever.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Strange Japanese job ad asks to “deliver a pork-egg onigiri” from Okinawa to Tokyo twice per day.

An Osaka man finds a stranger eating in his kitchen at night, and the stranger dies shortly after.

A Takamatsu man was arrested for car-bombing a person whose parking method he disapproved of.

The dream of playing smartphone games on packed Tokyo commuter trains comes true thanks to Thanko.

More Newz.

Father Hit Daughter In Face With Pizza.

Forget about circles. Unknown author turns a rapeseed field into giant Pac-Man.

American Airlines Flight From Tokyo Diverts to Seattle After Passenger’s Phone Charger Stops Working.

Brigantine man learns late in life he has the gift of ‘perfect poop’.

Angry over tomato thickness, woman hurls racial slurs, burger at Burger King employee.

Angelina Jolie stands perfectly still, unshowered, covered in bees for World Bee Day.

Men with massive penises on problems they face – from unemployment to no sex.

Woman practicing “self care” in a parking lot tells cops she thought she was in Florida.

What I Had For Lunch.

Eric America’s Learning Corner.

Pluto’s orbit takes 248 years, so no human will ever see a complete orbit.

A female donkey was acquitted on charges of bestiality at a trial in 1750 due to witnesses attesting to her virtue and good behaviour, but her co-accused human was sentenced to death.

As of 2020, the Sega Dreamcast still gets new releases.

A guy took the turducken concept to an extreme and created a dish consisting of 17 birds nested inside each other like Russian dolls.

The hermaphroditic animal known as a sea squirt begins its life as a tadpole-like creature, until it settles down anus-up in a location for the rest of its life. It will then eat its own brain, disintegrate its nervous system, and fire sperm and eggs into the water to reproduce.

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Episode 181: Good Eye, Sniper

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 181: Good Eye, Sniper

Keep your ears warm and your pants tight with the witty banter and odd news commentary from the World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast. Recorded at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District where 4 out of 5 doctors may have found themselves in compromising positions.

Double X Quantimino.

Albums that you can wipe from front to back.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Burrito’s Moving Status.

Brian’s Apartment Hunt.

Did Brian make a mistake when he declined anilingus?

This Is The Newz.

TikTok star, 22, is mortified to discover her high school teacher subscribes to her explicit OnlyFans account and even left a comment.

Genius or crazy? Woman fakes her own wedding to get back at ex-boyfriend.

Coronavirus Lingers in Penis and Could Cause Impotence.

High traces of Viagra in Seoul’s sewers, research shows.

The salmon in this sushi didn’t come from the ocean—it was harvested from a bioreactor.

Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Cake Smash Flavor That Tastes Like Dessert.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

En garde! Fencer Taxi begins in Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa.

Gorgeous gold Gundams are good-God expensive.

Japan has $10 bananas from the coldest prefecture in the country, but how do they taste?

Attention nagashi somen-iacs! This new Japanese gadget lets you enjoy flowing noodles solo.

Power up like Godzilla with a new limited-edition Godzilla Energy Drink.

King of the Monsters sets out to become King of the Energy Drinks too.

More Newz.

Woman hit in the face with a 10-pound ‘log of prepackaged meat’ during a fight at Walmart.

Man Lets Beef Rot For Months To Get ‘Drunk’ In ‘High Meat’ Craze.

Pigs can breathe oxygen via their rectum, so humans probably can too.

50-car train derails in Albert Lea; 2 cars leaking hydrochloric acid.

Hummer with four containers of gas bursts into flames right after filling up at Homosassa gas station.

Eminem fan spends £71,000 on ‘Stan’s Revenge’ NFT.

7,998 tickets win top prize in lottery drawing with combination 6-6-6.

What I Had For Lunch.

Eric America’s Learning Corner.

The foreskin from a baby boy can be bio-engineered to grow and is used in many beauty products like skin rejuvenating lotions, creams and solutions. Medically they’re also used in treating burns, persistent leg ulcers, bed sores, reconstructive surgery, etc.

George Washington never wore a wig. He was a natural redhead and powdered it white to look more fashionable.

Water is not colorless. The pure water has a slight blue color that becomes a deeper green as the thickness of the observed sample increases. The blue hue of the water is an intrinsic property and is caused by selective absorption and scattering of white light.

Meat glue exists and is used to hold chicken nuggets together among other things.

When giraffes are born, they fall six feet on their head, but it’s the fall that gets them to start breathing.

The most expensive collection of Pokemon cards is valued at over $10 million, by Gary Haase, a 67-yr old father of 3 from Las Vegas.

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Episode 180: The Last Josh

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 180: The Last Josh

Listen to the Loud Table conversation taped at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District. Discover a unique experience that you have been craving all this time.

Double X Quantimino.

True or False: Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord.

McFly in the flesh at Daddy Juice Energy Studio.

Everyone is vaccinated. Time for a human centipede.

Atlanta orgy.


Curbside pickup.

Shingles: The Revenge of the Chicken Pox.

Update on Wes Burrito moving.

Watermelon Girl.


This Is The Newz.

Boy, 4, accidentally buys $2.6K worth of SpongeBob Popsicles on Amazon.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Revival Now Casting.

Movie Amnesia.

You Actually Aren’t Supposed to Mix Wasabi With Soy Sauce When Eating Sushi.

Fries with ketchup flavor baked in.

Ohio State Senator Is Caught Zooming and Driving.

Some Poor Guy Logged into a Court’s Zoom Call with Anal Sex-Themed Screenname.

Man crashes stolen police car on I-95, steals second police car.

Scientists have taught bees to smell the coronavirus. They can identify a case within seconds.

BJP MLA recommends drinking cow urine to stop Covid spread, demonstrates on camera.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Japanese high school kendo coach was caught forcing students to pay birthday-tribute money.

Aichi man who stole and replaced women’s shoes set free, victims too “disgusted” to press charges.

Man’s panties stolen from man in Nagoya by male/female team of thieves.

Pooping in the supermarket checkout lands Kitakyushu man 300,000 yen fine.

More Newz.

Fresh pizza vending machine prompts curiosity and horror in Rome.

Loose tiger roaming around Houston neighborhood leads to armed standoff.

1,000 feral cats released onto Chicago streets to tackle rat explosion.

Fry’s Electronics permanently closing all stores nationwide.

Street™ cologne: Smell like you been somewhere.

Chick-fil-A is facing a sauce shortage.

A 28-year-old woman posed as a student, sneaked into high school to promote her Instagram.

What I Had For Lunch.

Eric America’s Learning Corner.

The north star is 4000 times brighter than our sun. The light we see when we look at the north star was generated in the year 1587, and it has been traveling through space for 434 years to reach us.

It would take 375,000 Lego bricks stacked one on top of another to destroy the bottom brick. The tower would be nearly 12,000 feet tall.

Bears form “Fecal Plugs” during hibernation. It is formed from hair, callused footpad, and plant material ingested while grooming, as opposed to a changed diet as previously speculated.

The wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months.

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Episode 179: Falcon Sex Hat

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 179: Falcon Sex Hat

Hold on to your falcon sex hats while you travel through the Quantimino™ with triple uranium hosts Gemini, Burrito, Brian, and Arthur as they bring you into conversations that might make you laugh out loud. Twin Peaks, Pogs, Mortal Kombat, and more!

Double X Quantimino.

Twin Peaks, the breastaurant.

Sir Mix-a-Lot.


Polaris “Hey Sandy” cassette tape from cereal box mail order.

Cole Young and Mortal Kombat.

What is your arcana?

pH Balance.

Leisure Suit Larry.

LiveLeak shuts down after 15 years online.

Model of the Millennium – Brian’s Modeling Career.

Histamine response.

‘Red Sonja’: Hannah John-Kamen to Star in Millennium’s Sword and Sorcery Feature.

This Is The Newz.

Man Arrested At Kid Rock’s Bar For Removing Colostomy Bag And Swinging It Around.

Denver Beer Co. falls $999,993,870 short of its fundraising goal to buy Rockies.

Rare lobster saved from being dinner at Red Lobster: ‘One in every 30 million’.

Burger King Japan Stacks Up New “Shrimp Spicy Ugly Beef Burger”.

Japanese town spends Covid-19 funds on a huge squid statue.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

McDonald’s Japan’s new “Taste of Mommy” McShake brings a marvelously milky milkshake to the menu.

A Fukuoka man was arrested for breaking into a store, putting on a female staff’s apron and shirt.


Nintendo is suing Bowser to stop his latest evil plan.

Teacher disciplined for drinking alcohol during class in Japan.

More Newz.

Villager arrested in alleged Whopper-throwing racial tirade.

114-year-old Omahan is now the oldest living American, but she doesn’t care.

Anger In ‘God Fearing’ Village After ‘Pornographic Literature’ was placed in the Library.

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border.

Woman files lawsuit claiming Bagel Bites have deceptive packaging, use fake cheese and tomato sauce.

What I Had For Lunch.

Eric America’s Learning Corner.

Sugar Daddy was originally called the Papa Sucker. The name was changed to Sugar Daddy in 1932. Sugar Babies were introduced three years later in 1935. A chocolate-covered version, Sugar Mama, was produced from 1965 to the 1980s.

Michael Jordan’s first choice of sponsorship was Adidas, and he nearly got the deal before getting vetoed by Adidas’s German execs who thought the 6’6” player was “too short”. With nowhere to go, he ended up at Nike.

Repeated attempts to capitalize on the popularity of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder by releasing competing 1/3 pound burgers have failed because Americans are bad at fractions.

Giant pandas are no longer ‘endangered’ species.

In 1935 “Happy Birthday to You” was copyrighted with a value of 5M making it illegal to sing. In 2016 a federal judge ruled that the copyright was not valid and the song had no other claim to copyright, placing it in the public domain, and making it free to sing for all.

James Franco once created an invisible sculpture called ‘Fresh Air’. It was described as an endless supply of oxygen. Someone actually bought the ‘sculpture’ for $10,000.

Avocados evolved alongside extinct megafauna like giant ground sloths whose digestive system could pass the intact pit. Human cultivation saved the avocado.

The Falcon Sex Hat is a hat that allows a falcon to have sex with a breeders head to collect the semen.

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