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Episode 162: Lunch Table

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 162: Lunch Table

From tip to taint, Slam City covers the happenings of dudes in a booth, odd news, lunch, and learning new things. Recorded at the Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District, your all-time favorite part-time friends bring you a triple uranium podcast designed to help you unwind.

Double X Quantimino.

We did not make New Year’s resolutions.

Burrito Bandito dusted off his weight bench.

Working out.

Shopping without a cart.


If you were going to be without all of your electronic devices, phones, computers, radios, TVs in a remote cabin for a week, how would you keep yourself sane?

Wilderness Man plays The Price Is Right with squirrels.

Surprise Birthday Party for Burrito Bandito.

Spoiler alerts starting at 18:10 – WW84 Film Review by Burrito Bandito.

Wonder Woman 1984: Odd choices, missed opportunities, and a big WTF moment.

Fast forward to 53:07 to skip the Burrito’s Wonder Woman film review.

This Is The Newz.

Denmark launches a children’s TV show about a man with a giant penis.

To combat declining birth rate, Japan to begin offering “Breeding Visas” to foreigners.

Teen has hands blown off after firework explodes during illegal racing event on the East Side.

Conspiracy theorists share a schematic for “5G chip” they claim is implanted in COVID-19 vaccines – only it’s actually for the Boss Metal Zone.

Monolith appears next to a hiking trail at Wisconsin park.

New Law Requires Federal Agents to Identify Themselves to Protesters.

Chipotle launches cauliflower rice nationwide as consumers cut grains from their diets.

Man files lawsuit over ‘Hawaiian rolls’ not being made in Hawaii.

What I Had For Lunch.

Feetdevil / Feet Hunter.

Hard Boiled Eggs in Ramen, Rollers, Fideo, Corn Nuts.

WTF We Learned This Week.

All toads are bumpy frogs.

Frenchie Frog.

Saturn’s rings are estimated to only be 10-100 million years old.

Planetary Protection Officer.

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Episode 161: WVS Brainstorming Sessions, Volume 1

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 161: WVS Brainstorming Sessions, Volume 1

WVS Brainstorming Sessions is a compilation of recorded ideas and conversations from the Slam City podcast with Gemini, Foxtrot, Arthur, and Burrito about the White Van Scam franchise.

White Van Scam (WVS) is a slice of life space opera. Intergalactic boba runner Booba Gettz is tasked with selling overstock speakers out of the back of a white van. Otherwise, Bossman is gonna kill him.

Booba Gettz is everyone in the White Van Scam story. Booba Gettz is Bossman. All of the dimensions converge in the WVS timeline. The Crazy One has Everything.

For Episode 2, the WVS concept was repeated: selling speakers out of a white van.

In Episode 3, Booba Gettz experiences love at first sight. Enter Tonya Tottz. Booba tries to sell Tonya speakers but ends up asking her out to lunch instead.

In Episode 4, Booba and Tonya meet at Taqueria Acapulco on Earth for lunch. The food truck reminds Tonya of a taqueria on her home planet, TA7. Booba orders the Boobarito. Tonya cannot decide which salsa to get.

In Episode 5, we find out how Booba got the job selling speakers. He answers a craigslist ad and attends his job interview wearing a polo shirt with a tie. Booba is hired then trains with Bossman in a scene like Training Day. They go out in a white van to sell speakers. Bossman is a crackhead with a heart of gold. At the end of the episode, Booba kills Bossman.

At the beginning of Episode 6, we realize that Booba killing Bossman was only a figment of Booba’s imagination. Back to the present time, Booba is at the beach clownin’ but also trying to sell speakers because he “ordered too many”. He sees Tonya with another guy who turns out to be her brother. Booba is also trying to avoid the cops.

Booba disguises his van as an intergalactic boba stand. Tonya loves intergalactic boba from back home. Booba’s sidekick Bobby Gettz, not short for Robert, works the boba stand. Pearl Pittz is Bobby’s girlfriend. Pearl works at Feet Is Feet. In the show, you only see her feet. J Jelly Jameson is Bossman’s real name. 

In Episode 7, Bobby takes a bullet for Booba while they are being chased by the Intergalactic Boba Commission. Booba goes back in time to get Young Booba to work the boba stand. Young Booba doesn’t know what to do, so he just uses everything then invents The Crazy One.

Businesses at the SH69 food truck trailer park: Taqueria Acapulco, Fiarrhea, Tofuin Around, The Crazy One, Feet Is Feet, Fortune Teller

Episode 160: The Land of Free Cheese

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 160: The Land of Free Cheese

Foxtrot and Burrito were off for the holidays, so this episode replays a couple segments from recent episodes that feature them: Fun Facts About Godzilla and Power Tool Hustle. Gemini and Arthur did the odd news commentary and played What I Had For Lunch. Arthur recalls a strange dream that he had.

Arthur connected to Daddy Juice Energy Studio from a lo-fi parallel of the Quantimino™, so his audio quality is not triple uranium output this episode.

Double X Quantimino – Replay Edition.

Fun Facts About Godzilla (from Episode 154).

Power Tool Hustle (from Episodes 153-156).

This Is The Newz.

Man jailed for life over $20 marijuana sale has been freed.

Dark web drug trafficker used $50K to pay his mortgage.

Nature is not healing.

12-Year-Old ‘DJ’ Who Organised Rave Parties In School Loo Comes Home To Find His Equipment Confiscated.

Kung Fu Masters in China Who Practice the Painful Looking Dying Tradition Known as ‘Iron Crotch’.

Women find chrome ‘Z’ under North Las Vegas bench to win $10,000 in nationwide treasure hunt.

Sony yanks Cyberpunk 2077 from Playstation store after outcry.

KFC launches 4K, 240FPS gaming console with a built-in chicken warmer.

Couple Win Cash Equivalent Of 60 Years’ Worth Of Domino’s Pizza After Naming Son Dominic.

Pepsi is launching ‘cocoa’ cola, a drink made to taste like hot chocolate with marshmallows.

McDonald’s To Serve Spam and Oreo Burger in China.

Woman pays for a stranger’s McDonald’s but regrets it after finding out the price.

McDonald’s is launching Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets.

Tractor-trailer crash spills 20,000 pounds of cheese balls on highway.

Ridiculously expensive Tokyo sandwich for 8,650 yen.

What I Had For Lunch.

Marco’s Pizza.

Gemini caught a cold.

Arthur’s strange dream.

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Episode 159: Higher Educational Technical Street Learning

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 159: Higher Educational Technical Street Learning

Gemini, Foxtrot, Burrito, and Arthur meet up at the crossroads of the Quantimino™, Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District. Class is in session with the four dudes in the booth catching up, letting their imaginations run wild, commenting on odd news, and playing another round of their favorite guessing game, What I Had For Lunch.

Pre-show: Stats STAT.

A look back at 2020.

Burrito got bicycle parts in the mail which leads to a discussion about bicycles.

Coheed and Cambria reference: Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood and Burial).

Arthur’s bad luck in 2020 with his fridge, oven, and car.

Any movies, TV shows, podcasts, or musical compositions that got you through 2020?

The Boys, The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, 90s music, Band Maid.

If your d!ck could talk, which Ninja Turtle would it be?

The meaning of Xmas.


This Is The Newz.

Psychedelic drug DMT to be trialled in the UK to treat depression.

Jay-Z’s Marijuana Line Monogram Debuts First Products.

‘Friday’ star Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister died at 62.

Drugs recalled after ‘mix-up’ packages depression medication and erectile dysfunction drug together.

‘World’s Smallest Target’ has been demolished.

Lost painting worth more than a quarter-million dollars found by a dumpster.

Thirsty burglar’s soda break puts him in the can for 5 years.

Slam City Police Searching for Suspects Who Stole Man’s Truck, Tacos During Robbery.

Woman with 5 kids carjacked a man on San Antonio’s West Side Saturday.

Giant Godzilla statue is part of Japanese park’s Christmas illumination celebration

Tokyo has a cafe lounge that’s for negative people only.

Japanese government’s new birth rate plan: Use AI to tell people who’d be a good spouse for them.

I spent $120 to try every burger at Wendy’s, and the best is a classic.

Domino’s gives hourly workers a $1,200 holiday bonus.

After Destroying Peoria’s Internet-Famous Cookie Monster Mural, the Landlord Will Commission a ‘More Appropriate’ One to Replace It.

Man, 41, Arrested for Climbing onto Airplane Wing Before Takeoff from Las Vegas Airport.

Police release surveillance footage of prisoner escape in Gary.

Portland man accused of chasing McDonald’s employees with chainsaw.

Belgian police shut down 50-person cross-border sex party.

Man receives probation for tricking women into changing diapers.

Man gets jail time for smuggling sea cucumbers across the border.

Pornhub Just Purged All Unverified Content From the Platform.

Ontarian Leaves Package Of Poop On Porch & It Apparently Got Stolen Only 40 Mins Later.

Bride says she wore a secret vibrator controlled by her husband at her wedding.

This 6-year-old racked up $16K on mom’s credit card playing video games.

Cyberpunk 2077 Issues Lead to $1 Billion Loss for Founders.

Wearing someone else’s face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan.

Pennsylvania man eats Chick-fil-A for over 130 days straight, breaks unofficial record.

Lab-Grown Chicken Meat Will Make Its Restaurant Debut This Saturday.

San Francisco’s only Olive Garden closes for good.

What I Had For Lunch.

WIHFL – The Card Game.

Hot Dogs from Home Depot.

The Land of Free Cheese.

WTF We Learned This Week.

Community College.

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Episode 158: Cowabunga Egg Rolls

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 158: Cowabunga Egg Rolls

Intergalactic boba runners travel through the Quantimino™ to Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District to record a show about their happenings, odd news, lunch, and things that they learned.

Foxtrot PSA.

Double X Quantimino.

Ticking Time Bandito supervillain Kilohertz.

Voting J Roper off the island.

Mister Cleo runs the izakaya.

Izakaya menu. Omurice made with space eggs and cooked with the fire of four suns.

Rings of Saturn ice water.

The Crazy One intergalactic boba drink.

Recap of details from White Van Scam, the story of Booba Gettz.

Foxtrot’s superhero, Kumo the Spider Drift King.

Burrito pre-ordered the Evangelion Finally vinyl.

Tiny houses.

911 call for mouth burned by scorching lasagna.

This Is The Newz.

New Orleans swingers event becomes ‘superspreader’ after 41 test positive for coronavirus.

A ‘monolith’ in Slam City.

The Developer Who Painted Over the 5Pointz Graffiti Mecca Must Pay an Additional $2 Million to Cover the Artists’ Legal Fees.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ viewers concerned over Pat Sajak’s recent ‘feisty’ behavior.

Dog missing for three weeks finds his owner working at Walmart.

Foster’s: ‘Australian for beer’ around the world will soon be introduced to Australians.

Vulgar Image On Kids’ Show ‘Maya The Bee’ Causes Netflix To Pull Episode.

A Fisherman Making $670 A Month Found 220 Pounds Of Whale Vomit Worth Up To $3.2 Million.

65-year-old woman accused of selling narcotics out of her central Austin home.

California man punches 350-pound bear in face to save beloved dog ‘Buddy’.

Mario Lopez will play Colonel Sanders in KFC-Lifetime original movie ‘A Recipe for Seduction’.

$340,000 worth of MSI’s Nvidia RTX 3090s Stolen in China.

Politically correct Santa tells a crying kid he won’t bring him Nerf gun.

Name your baby after a fast food chain to win 60 years of Domino’s pizza.

Chuck Yeager, pilot who broke the sound barrier, dies at 97.

Pizza Hut is selling a triple-decker pizza box.

Impersonating a Property Owner, a Man Paid an Artist to Paint a Cookie Monster Mural in Peoria.

Giant 9 pound goldfish found in South Carolina lake.

American woman breaks record for largest afro.

Former Israeli space chief says aliens exist.

A retro noodle soup vending machine is immortalized in an udon soup-flavored pound cake.

Shortage of chocolatey milk enhancer Milo has Japanese resellers licking their chops.

Dunkin’ customer stabs teen worker because flavor wasn’t available.

McDonald’s fries in Japan suddenly start tasting like cosmetics.

A SpaceX Mars rocket prototype just exploded. It was still a success.

Rats besiege New York Chipotle, eating avocados and attacking staff.

Krispy Kreme celebrates ‘Day of the Dozens’ 2020 with $1 doughnuts deal. 

What I Had For Lunch.

WTF We Learned This Week.

Space, Cheetle, and the origin of Genghis Khan.

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Episode 157: Monitor Presets

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 157: Monitor Presets

From tip to taint, Slam City covers the happenings of four dudes in a booth, odd news, lunch, and learning new things. Recorded at the Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District, your all-time favorite part-time friends bring you a triple uranium podcast designed to help you unwind.

Double X Quantimino.

Combo meals.

Tail discussion, tail cosplay: Barney, Michael J Fox, Left Shark.

Burrito got mail: Cowboy Bebop vinyl.

Foxtrot finished the first two seasons of The Boys. Gemini and Arthur bring up that one scene in Season 2 again without spoiling it.

Ticking Time Bandito enemy Vektor.

Mr Cleo.

The Circle Game, The Pizza Game.

Milk expiration dates: If it ain’t cheese, you drink it with ease.

Yerba mate.

High-tech electric toothbrushes.

Valorant explained to Burrito.

This Is The Newz

Indonesian man becomes a millionaire as a meteorite crashes into home.

Burger King Japan Asks: Can a Sandwich Have Too Much Meat?.

Scientists Used Human Genes to Make Monkey Brains Bigger.

Massive 14-hour line forms as Colorado gets first In-N-Out Burger joints.

Huge sinkhole with glowing green liquid appears on Toronto street.

Botched art restorations become Japanese gacha capsule toys.

Guitar Center is filing for bankruptcy.

Most expensive video game ever: Rare copy of ‘Super Mario 3’ sold at auction.

253 Supreme T-shirts expected to sell for $2M in Christie’s auction.

Canadian officials warn drivers not to let moose lick their cars.

Weird Japanese vending machine beverage: Dashi fish soup from…Coca-Cola?!?.

Phallus sculpture appears in Bavarian mountains.

The mysterious monoliths in Utah, Romania and California.

FAA fines Philadelphia drone pilot and Youtuber $184,500.

First Look Inside Super Nintendo World, Which Opens In Japan Next February.

Lawsuit Claims Mexican Beer Tecate Is Actually Brewed in Holland.

Evangelion Finally Album Release Announced for Digital, CD & Vinyl.

The Mister Donut Ice Bar: When donuts become ice cream.

We rock Japan’s new wearable grocery bag for sustainable, stylish shopping.

Oreo releases new Lady Gaga-themed cookies.

French pizza maker sets a new Guinness World Record.

Driver busted for using flashlights as headlights on his car.

Man’s wife sells his PlayStation 5 after she discovers he lied and said it was an air purifier.

What I Had For Lunch.

WTF We Learned This Week.

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Episode 156: All Night at the Izakaya

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 156: All Night at the Izakaya

Gemini, Foxtrot, Burrito, and Arthur pack their bug out bags and meet up at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District to record another intergalactic episode of Slam City.

Gemini made pon de rings on his Twitch stream and reflects on the experience.

Burrito Bandito took his damaged linen back posters out of their package and updated the gang on his ideas with them.

More discussion about bug out bags brought up in the previous episode.

Slam City Night Out Bug Out Bag.

Foxtrot got all of his power tool returns and exchanges sorted out.

If you could have only one superpower, which superpower would it be?

Burrito would be Eduardo Tiempo, the Ticking Time Bandito with his sidekick, Krystal Quartz, the Hourglass.

Foxtrot is Spider Drift King aka Kumo Chop Suey, a superhero with powers like Spider-man.

Arthur would have the power to teleport.

Gemini would be brown Gumby.

Job titles for Slam Citizens.

Sharing anime that left an impression: Dorohedoro, Darling in the FranXX, Your Name, Himouto! Umaru-chan, et al.

This Is The Newz.

Botched Restoration of Spanish Sculpture Draws Scrutiny.

World’s largest White Castle breaking ground in Orlando ahead of opening next year.

With the Mexican Pizza officially gone, Taco Bell brings back a favorite: the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa.

You have to see the ‘nicest Taco Bell in the world’ for yourself.

KFC ‘Delays’ Chicken Bucket Console to Match Cyberpunk 2077.

New twist on recipes ahead of the holidays, with cookbooks from Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

Fight club in New York City with over 200 people broken up by authorities.

Amazon employees arrested for stealing $592,000 worth of iPhones.

Costco offers private jet membership.

Nude man was arrested after driving into a grocery store.

‘2020 Scent’ candle emits aromas reminiscent of pandemic lockdown and Tiger King.

Pope Francis’ Instagram account appears to ‘like’ bikini model’s photo.

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Stunningly Fails At ‘Declaring Victory’.

A Fukuoka woman drives through the front of a convenience store because she really needed to pee.

Wild video shows a man blasting a flamethrower from atop an MTA bus in Brooklyn.

New homeowners found coins worth $25,000 in a drawer — and then gave them back.

Gemz during Newz: 

Condom water balloon fight.

Muppet Gonzo’s Covid mask.

2020 scented candles by Slam City: hint of mint, unscented, aloe hand sanitizer, sandalwood.

Re-enactment: Flamethrower.

What I Had For Lunch: Gemini had Nachos Bell Grande. Foxtrot had chicken and rice. Burrito had pizza. Arthur had Shin Ramen.

Slam City Public Access Channel 69.

WTF We Learned This Week.

Arthur learned that a valve cover is not threaded.

You don’t suck half a D.

The etymology of “the 11th Hour”.

How to pronounce “Julius Caesar”.

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Episode 155: Dropping a Red Sock in Bleach Water is One Way to Make a Pink Tube Sock

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 155: Dropping a Red Sock in Bleach Water is One Way to Make a Pink Tube Sock

Gemini, Foxtrot, Burrito, and Arthur record another triple uranium episode at Daddy Juice Energy Studio in the Beaded Curtain District for conversations about life, lunch, and odd news.

Double X Quantimino.

Gemini Jackson made pancakes on his live stream.

Foxtrot updates the gang on his power tool hustle.

Burrito’s poster finally arrived but with bad news.

2021 Prediction.

Civil War II – You have 30 minutes to take what you need with you, what will you take?

This Is The Newz

Man Banned From Yellowstone National Park After Rangers Catch Him Cooking Chickens in the Hot Springs.

Taiwan teen woke from a 62-day coma by words ‘chicken fillet’.

The Company That Owns Arby’s And Buffalo Wild Wings Just Bought Dunkin’ Brands For $11.3 Billion.

Tesla just rolled out its own tequila. It’s already sold out.

Beach ball-sized jellyfish capable of damaging boats spotted in South Carolina.

Rare, 4-foot-wide jellyfish spotted on Florida beach.

A California man donated 25,000 baseball cards to a 9-year-old girl who lost her collection in a wildfire.

Japanese mandarin oranges purchased at $9.6G for a single crate.

The US government seized $1 billion in bitcoin from dark web marketplace Silk Road.

Paris bans delivery and takeaway food and alcohol at night.

Legal weed won big in the election.

Texas boy wins first place in national mullet championship.

McDonald’s to test McPlant, which includes its own meat-free burger.

Man asks for no salad in McDonald’s burger but when it arrives, he’s ‘devastated’.

Capcom hit by ransomware attack, is reportedly being extorted for $11 million.

Scientists 3D print a microscopic Star Trek spaceship that moves on its own.

Alex Trebek, Revered Host of ‘Jeopardy!’ for 36 Years, Dies at 80.

Krispy Kreme debuts new glazed doughnut flavor for fall (and isn’t pumpkin spice).

Fashion brand Supreme has been bought for $2.1 billion by VF, which owns Vans, Timberland, and North Face.

Florida woman busted for “self care” outside 7-Eleven caught “committing” same offense outside Popeyes.

The Disc Drive PlayStation 5 Is Worth the Extra Money.

Couple complained that the Animal Planet show cast them as pot growers.

Indian man builds 9-foot-long marker pen for Guinness record.

Woman posing as an FBI agent sought free fast food.

Japanese town deploys ‘Monster Wolf’ robots to deter wild bears.

Robbers drill into a vault, steal 6.5 million euros.

First customer to get a PS5 was the first to get a PS4, too.

Microsoft: ‘Please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X’.

What I Had For Lunch

WTF We Learned This Week

Manatees control their buoyancy by cycles of farts.

Gemini re-listened to some music to test out his new headphones. Which well-produced albums would you listen to test speakers?

Foxtrot hasn’t watched any more of The Boys, because he watched Boyz n the Hood.

Reflecting back to Chappelle’s Show.

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Episode 154: Unicorn Jerky

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 154: Unicorn Jerky

Gemini, Foxtrot, Burrito, and Arthur travel through the Quantimino to the Beaded Curtain District to record another intergalactic episode of Slam City. Bring a change of clothes.

Burrito fell under the weather last week, got tested for Covid, and fortunately tested negative.

Foxtrot provides updates on his tool collection hustle.

Amazon Prime’s The Boys watch party update.

Fun Facts about Godzilla.

You can only pick your three favorite three breakfast cereals from a list of nine.

What I Had For Lunch: Gemini had Eggo blueberry waffles. Burrito had a salmon burger with gorgonzola cheese. Foxtrot had chicken and dumplings with habanero hot sauce. Arthur had leftover Red Baron pizza.

This Is The Newz.

Man arrested in Japan for selling overseas bootleg anime DVDs.

More than $1M worth of stolen Home Depot goods recovered.

McDonald’s McRib is returning to menus across America for the first time in 8 years.

Leopard mauls Florida man who paid for ‘full-contact experience’ with a big cat.

These Influencers Are Computer Generated. But They’re Making Real Money.

Colorado man wins lottery, misses deadline to turn in ticket by 3 days.

A couple got married at the Dunkin’ drive-thru where they met.

Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90.

A Florida fisherman caught a gator he’d been watching for three years. It weighed more than 1,000 pounds.

Oreo built a doomsday vault to protect cookies from an asteroid.

College Students At University in Bali Permitted To Pay Their Tuition With Coconuts.

Burger King urges customers to go to McDonald’s in order to help the restaurant industry. 

In Brazil, a parrot puppeteer’s death stirs the nation.

Russia’s ‘Sausage King’ Murdered With Crossbow.

You can now finally get chicken thighs from this buffalo wing chain.

Oregon became the first state to decriminalize hard drugs like heroin and cocaine.

McDonald’s Japan now has a double cheeseburger with rice buns, and people are raving about it.

Mysterious ‘snake’ spotted in Virginia turns out to be an invasive worm.

‘Baby Shark Dance’ becomes YouTube’s most viewed video.

Bank Teller Laughs at Robber Trying to Rob a Bank with a Meat Cleaver.

Mountain Dew introduces its own hot sauce.

Pizza Hut Taiwan’s New Halloween Pizza Looks Like a Charred Black Pizza Topped with Lumps of Coal.

‘Genshin Impact’ Is Making A Truly Astonishing Amount Of Money.

KFC debuts clean-shaven Colonel Sanders for month of ‘Movember’.

Couple find Prohibition-era whiskey hidden in the wall of their home.

Gemz during Newz: 

If we had our own advertised custom fast food combo meals.

Re-enactment of a bank robbery with a meat cleaver.

WTF We Learned This Week: ALDI

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Episode 153: Cosmic Paintbrush

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 153: Cosmic Paintbrush

Gemini, Foxtrot, Burrito, and Arthur record from Daddy Juice Energy Studio for another solid episode of Slam City.

Burrito’s package was lost in the mail and still lost.

Burrito gets another package and unboxes a slide hammer.

Foxtrot expands his tool collection and explains his hustle.

The Boys watch party update.

Netflix documentaries.


The Good vs Evil Draft.

Burrito got sick (not Covid).

What I Had For Lunch – Foxtrot made Shin ramen. Gemini made chicken marsala. Burrito had lasagna soup and Domino’s. Arthur had Marco’s double pepperoni specialty pizza for half-price.

Fideo Paella’s Italian cousin, Pollo Marsala.

This Is The Newz.

Meet the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle. It’s Almost Uncrushable.

President Trump’s Twitter was accessed by a security expert who guessed the password ‘maga2020!’.

Crisis fermenting as cabbage shortage hits South Korea’s kimchi culture.

7-Eleven Japan’s “Paper Tiger” sandwich sparks online controversy over deceptive packaging.

We try Burger King Japan’s “Fake Burger”, a chip butty on steroids.

Parents name their daughter after internet provider for free WiFi.

Bot orders $18,752 of McSundaes every 30 min. to find if machines are working.

Japan puts off the decision to release treated Fukushima water into the sea.

Microsoft Sent Snoop Dogg an Xbox Series X Fridge for His Birthday.

Couple at a NYC eatery served $2,000 Bordeaux in error after ordering cheap wine.

Australia Bans Import of Hentai And Other Adult Anime Products from Japan!

A Deepfake Porn Bot Is Being Used to Abuse Thousands of Women.

Berlin breaks up a 600-strong party over Covid.

KFC sells its fried chicken-scented fire logs at Walmart.

5 rappers accused of smoking marijuana last year.

Passenger falls and dies after hanging out of van and killing bicyclist.

Walmart store evacuated when skunk wanders inside.

NASA mission finds water on the sunlit surface of the moon.

Guitar Center may file for bankruptcy after missing $45 million payment.

Self-cloning mutant crayfish are invading a Belgian cemetery.

Pole-dancing skeletons must be removed, HOA tells homeowner.

Four Loko wants to get you drunk fast with new ‘Pregame’ shots.

‘Tiny Toons Looniversity’: Steven Spielberg Executive-Produced Reboot Gets Two-Season Series Order For HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Costco is the latest retailer to drop Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of forced monkey labor.

El Paso strip clubs remain open after Mayor Margo breaks tie vote.

Shoppers horrified to find a ‘cute’ stag ornament from B&M is VERY well-endowed.

A Tampa woman made 42,000 fraudulent Amazon returns in the past 5 years.

Seattle arcade unveils ‘touchless’ pinball machines.

Twitch suspends DragonForce guitarist for playing his own music.

Sally the Salad Robot is replacing the traditional salad bar at Piggly Wiggly.

Gemz during Newz: 

Gemini watched The Departed in VR. 

Jaymark Is Dead. 

Double X Quantimino At Home Edition.

Foxtrot falls in the Quantimino.

How can there be water on the Moon if there is no Moon?

The Devil’s Draft.

WTF We Learned This Week.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Conspiracy theory about adrenal glands is Monsters, Inc.

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