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Episode 197: All My Friends Have Meaty…

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 197: All My Friends Have Meaty...

With your headphones on and pants tight, treat yourself to The World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast recorded at the Thicccum Farmz Compound in the Beaded Curtain District with entertaining fellas that your mother warned you about. Bring a change of clothes.

Double X Quantimino.

Burger King introduces Keep It Real Meals after banning 120 artificial ingredients. 

BK celebrity meals with Nelly, LILHUDDY, and Anitta.

If you met someone who has never heard of Weezer and could only pick one song, which Weezer song would you pick?

Arthur missed a 10% Off opportunity.

Brain got ripped off by a funeral home.

If you had to give up meat or cheese for the plant-based alternative, which one would you give up?

Last man on earth.

This Is The Newz.

Rapper Dan Sur has gold chains surgically attached to his head instead of hair.

A Maryland man whose attack on a woman with a semen-filled syringe was caught on camera was sentenced to 10 years.

Lab-grown woolly mammoths could walk the Earth in six years if a geneticist’s new start-up succeeds.

The Great Wall of Vagina.

Spotify’s King of Sleep Music Outstreams Lady Gaga, Somehow

Taco Bell’s New Taco Lover’s Pass Offers 30 Days of Tacos for One Low Price

Cat-astrophe averted as fans catch falling feline using flag at American football game

The Ballet Shoe Stew of 1842

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 196: Literally Countless Stars

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 196: Literally Countless Stars

From tip to taint, Slam City covers the happenings of four dudes in a booth, odd news commentary, and food. Recorded at the Thicccum Farmz Compound in the Beaded Curtain District, your all-time favorite part-time friends bring you a triple uranium podcast that makes people laugh deep inside.

Double X Quantimino.


Misuse of the word “countless”.

Arthur the Arbiter: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs and “Never, never share your ramen!”.

Pronounce “incongruous”.

“Damb” in the wild.

Guy in a Coma.

Fitted FUBU Shirt.

Bug chasers.

Open campus.


The Wes Burrito, custom burrito.

This Is The Newz.

Colombia Navy Seizes $60 Million Worth of Cocaine Found Inside a Semi-Submersible Vessel.

Dog The Bounty Hunter says he thought he had a pass to use the N-word “like Eminem”.

A giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch mascot at a Marlins game became nightmare fuel for so many MLB fans.

McDonald’s customer vows to go vegan after finding ‘pig nipple’ in bacon roll.

The Surprisingly Popular Chocolate Bars Made With Blood.

(BNN false start, dog water).

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Excessive dog pee is to blame for traffic light collapse, Japanese police think.

A South Korean university develops a toilet that converts poop to power and pays you for “deposits”.

Evangelion LCL ice cream is real and the new taste of summer in Japan.

Domino’s Pizza Japan apologizes for freaking out Londoner with fish and chips pizza, and offers free pie.

Lawson Japan serves up carbs on carbs with their new French Fry Bread.

More Newz.

A man was arrested on suspicion of stealing more than 700 pieces of women’s underwear from coin laundromats.

Texas man caught trying to smuggle 350 lbs of meat across the border.

Lil Uzi Vert says fans ripped his $24 million diamond out of his forehead.

Tom DeLonge: “The secret to playing fast is masturbating. If you don’t masturbate, you can’t play punk rock!”.

What I Had For Lunch.

Survey Monkey changes its name to Momentive.

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Episode 195: Druthers Brothers

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 195: Druthers Brothers

Intergalactic radio giants landed on Earth in a magical place called the Beaded Curtain District in Slam City where they recorded thought-provoking conversations for someone like you.

Double X Quantimino.

Brian McFly attempts to tame his adult language (Spoiler alert: Fail).

Pronounce “Moog”.

“Dill” with it.


Arthur the Arbiter went to KFC again.

Brown Gravy.

Is cereal a soup?

Which Lucky Charms marshmallow would you keep?

Chuckold Cheese.

An epic debate about what constitutes a sandwich.

This Is The Newz.

Jeff Bezos Dick Rocket Goes on Sale for $69 in Scale Model Form.

Woman who hid 26 kids behind a false wall at daycare is guilty.

Woman Has Made More Than $25,000 Selling Her Farts.

Train crashes into semi-truck with wind turbine blade attached.

How a shady high school football team faked its way onto ESPN.

Florida Man Refuses To Sell Family House Now Swallowed By Massive Development.

Illinois woman arrested for using fake vaccine card to travel to Hawaii.

FTC investigating McDonald’s and why their ice cream machines are “always broken”.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Japan’s lap-pillow ear-cleaning salons aren’t just for pervy guys.

Nagoya man driving stolen Lexus RX steals Lexus LX.

Anime masterpiece Akira seemingly banned in Russia due to fears of mentally damaging kids.

The best-looking ramen in Japan? New store creates beautiful noodle bouquets.

Mister Donut becomes Mister Pizza? Japan’s favorite donut chain now sells pizza too.

More Newz.

KFC Japan Releases Recipes for Fried Chicken Ramen.

New Study Shows Hot Dogs Shorten Lives – Ripley’s Believe It or Not!.

Dairy Queen customer urinates at counter after mask dispute on Vancouver Island.

A breathing tube through the butt could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators.

Fired NY credit union employee nukes 21GB of data in revenge.

China bans men it sees as not masculine enough from TV.

Abba delights fans with a new 10-song album and virtual concert.

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 194: The Third Pickle

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 194: The Third Pickle

Voted Best Podcast that You Have Never Heard and You Are Missing Out. When someone tells you that you can’t handle it, prove them wrong. This show might not be for you, but you should find out first. Not every listener is a first-time listener, but we strive to keep it that way.

Double X Quantimino.

Blue Knuckles – The Finger King Denied.

The Nearly Perfected Arthur Dood Meal Inspired by Travis Scott.

Tegan and Sara.

Hypothetical Situation: Time Travel Part 2.

The phrase “long in the tooth”.

This Is The Newz.

Woman who claims she is ‘having an affair’ with a chimp was banned from visiting him by zoo staff.

Meet Grace, the ultra-lifelike nurse robot.

The FAA wants to fine a passenger $45,000 for throwing luggage and putting his head up a flight attendant’s skirt.

Flight attendants warned ‘never use duct tape’ after a spate of incidents.

Firefighters discover ‘body in the river’ was a swimmer relaxing.

‘I spent £14k on my new big bum now I can’t sit down – but I have no regrets’.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

A Japanese TV show about women sprinting up hills and panting adds its first-ever male performers.

An Ibaraki woman was arrested for attacking the Olympic torch with a water gun.

Beat the heat with “chilled katsudon,” fried pork cutlet served with rice in ice-cold broth.

Cup Noodle instant ramen topping ice cream is on sale now, Nissin reminds/threatens us.

$100 ramen in Tokyo: Overpriced or totally worth it?

More Newz.

Woman attacked by an alligator says ‘I love him’ and it shouldn’t face any consequences.

Georgia man steals mortuary van, dead body rolls out ahead of police chase.

Lil Nas X calls out the double standard of Tony Hawk’s blood-infused skateboard.

(Mary Steenburgen Bloody Pad)

Hayley Williams is now credited as co-writer on Olivia Rodrigo’s Good 4 U.

The Baby On The Cover Of The Nirvana Album “Nevermind” Is Suing The Estate Of Kurt Cobain For Sexual Exploitation Of Minor.

Reversing A Planned Ban, OnlyFans Will Allow Pornography On Its Site After All.

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 193: Future Baristas Time Capsule

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 193: Future Baristas Time Capsule

Serving you a hot cup of conversations about donuts, nu metal, odd news, and what they had for lunch, your fearless and greasy hosts bring you a show so hot that you’ll feel like the old lady who was scalded by McD’s coffee in the drive-thru. This is a unique collection of segments called Slam City.

Double X Quantimino.

Krispy Kreme Just Unveiled Hershey’s S’mores Donuts That Are Oozing With Marshmallow.

Mentions of Duck Donuts and Voodoo Doughnut.

Double X Quantiminü: If you met someone that never heard music from the genre “nu metal” and you could only show them with one song by one artist, which song would that be?

Arthur picked “Blind” by Korn.

Brain picked “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D.

Gemini picked “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit.

Burrito picked “Freak on a Leash” by Korn.

Lost Prophets discussion.

True or False?: Awkwafina.

Brian the Professional has mommy issues.

When you become a future barista, what would your signature drink on the specials menu be? Doesn’t have to be a coffee drink but it’s served at an indie coffee house where the cool kids congregate.

“Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba.

This Is The Newz.

A British mom makes jewelry out of her own breast milk.

First ever ‘Taco Bell Defy’ to open in Minnesota.

Hermit crabs are sexually attracted to plastic pollution in the ocean.

Furious Twitter debate starts over how much meat people eat off chicken wings.

Florida woman arrested after ‘lewd’ jail visit with inmate.

Florida man who killed his mother and toddler develops bizarre social media following: ‘Too cute’.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

New Licca-chan doll from Japan has unnervingly rapid hair growth.

Three people become first arrested in Japan for posting a 10-minute movie recap on YouTube.

Bury your face in this Pokémon’s butt for the softest, soundest, and weirdest nap ever.

Beautiful cans of cake have become a viral hit in Japan.

More Newz.

Neon Genesis Evangelion comes to Blu-ray for the first time in 11-disc ‘Ultimate Edition’.

A Supercomputer Just Calculated Pi to a Record 62.8 Trillion Digits. So What? — Popular Mechanics.

Nude man stabs second nude man on Seattle sidewalk.

OnlyFans is banning porn, the very thing that made it big.

Pumpkin spice-flavored ramen cup noodles coming this fall.

(Cheesecake Pie Debate)

(Resonating Mushrooms)

Little Caesars Unveils New Pizza and Calzone Hybrid Called the Crazy Calzony.

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 192: Whatever of the Year Every Year

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 192: Whatever of the Year Every Year

Join your part-time friends at the Thicccum Farmz Compound in the Beaded Curtain District for thought-provoking conversation, sing-alongs, odd news commentary, and What I Had For Lunch, The World’s First Quantimino Powered™ Guessing Game.

Double X Quantimino.

Two-digit rule.


Plug In and Hate – Annoying Insects: Mosquito Hawks, Cockroaches, Houseflies, Mosquitoes.

Eating bugs.

The Earth is a Big Turtle.

Double X QuantimEMO.

If you met someone that never heard music from the genre “emo” and you could only show them with one song by one artist, which song would that be?

Thursday’s Full Collapse album discussion.

Taking Back Sunday – “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)”,

Dashboard Confessional – “Vindicated”,

Brand New – “Play Crack the Sky”,

Jimmy Eat World – “Just Watch The Fireworks”,

Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity album discussion.

Emo search engine.

Honorable mention: The Used – “Taste of Ink”.

Double X Quantimino (continued).

Thighs at Wing Bars.

General life advice from Gemini.

Wes Burrito drops off before the Saweetie Meal discussion.

Cutting Crew – “I Just Died In Your Arms”.


McDonald’s limited time celebrity meals discussion: The Saweetie Meal.

Wes Burrito reviews The Suicide Squad movie.


Willem Dafoe.

Hypothetical Meta-Analysis: Your friend’s dog swallows one of your AirPods Pro earbuds (retail $249/pair with charging case) because you left it in reach of the curious canine. Recover the ear bud or replace it ($89).

D!ck pizza and ice cream.

This Is The Newz.

PepsiCo and Boston Beer to create alcoholic Mountain Dew drink.

Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Warns ‘Jetpack Guy Is Back’.

An Ankeny man accused of bomb threat over McDonald’s dipping sauce faces a lesser charge.

Woman’s terrible date goes viral after he starts flirting with a waitress.

Man has a nail removed from scrotum after shooting himself with a nail gun.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Starbucks releases 47 new Frappuccinos in Japan, one for every prefecture.

“Raw Pepsi,” the most refreshing flavor ever, is out in Japan, but how does it taste?

Burger King unleashes the Tokyo Teriyaki Tower in Japan.

Mario isn’t number one? Nintendo plumber doesn’t win Super Mario series character popularity poll.

“Conbini warp” is an increasing traffic problem for businesses and authorities across Japan.

More Newz.

Best man was ordered to leave the wedding by the bride after a risky joke in speech backfires.

Pompeii’s fast food joint unearthed in 2019 opens to the public.

Aerosol cans cleaned up after a semi explosion in Big Cabin.

New Penelope Cruz film poster showing leaking nipple censored online.

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 191: Milkweed Assassins

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 191: Milkweed Assassins

The power of Quantimino™ continues from Thicccum Farmz Compound in the Beaded Curtain District with conversations, jokes, and odd news commentary to make your day that much better.

Double X Quantimino.

A group of comedy clubs put together a contest where comedians submitted a photo of themselves on stage with one of their best jokes typed on the photo social media style. We chose our favorite from the final round.

Arthur the Arbiter versus KFC.

Classic game shows on BUZZR.

Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.

Brian’s return to open mic night.

Mile High Fight Club: Is fighting on an airplane the new bar fight?

Fear boners.

This Is The Newz.

Study: Neanderthals Sexed Themselves to Death With Humans.

Woman with the world’s largest mouth was awarded the Guinness World Record for 6.52cm gob.

‘My mum’s husband is so cheap he makes us eat kids’ meals at restaurants’.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

A Japanese love doll mistaken for a drowned corpse, saved by emergency services anyway.

(Metal band name: Neanderthal Blood Disorder).

Honda has created a GPS navigation system for your shoes.

Real life doesn’t work like anime – Tokyo man arrested after letting schoolgirl live with him.

A Wakayama man stealing a uniform from school was caught by a mysterious man in the restroom in the middle of night.

More Newz.

Pasco Sheriff’s Office letter targets residents for ‘increased accountability’.

San Francisco restaurant’s $72 fried rice.

Capital G Grill gimmick appetizer suggestions.

What I Had For Lunch.

Summer sausage.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy are you?

Brian’s Couch: Tinder messaging.

After Party: Watching Movies in the Theater.

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Episode 190: Correlation Is Not Causation

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 190: Correlation Is Not Causation

Ladies, gentlemen, and scholars! Your fearless and greasy hosts of The World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast are back at the studio in the Compound to bring you the best conversation topics and odd news commentary curated over a week. The show closes with their original guessing game, What I Had For Lunch. This work of art would not have been possible without the support of Thicccum Farmz, The Crazy One, Julio Tejas, and you, the listener.

Double X Quantimino.

Ska revival. If you had to give someone their first impression of ska with one third wave ska song, which song?

Ska’d 4 Lyfe.

Burrito Reviews: MOTU: Revelation.

Arthur’s First World Problem: “McBell” or “Taco Donald’s”?

Virtue signaling.

“Chosis” and red flags.

True or False: Lacey Sturm circa 2019.

Brian’s No Go Window.

From Tip to Taint: The Slam City Documentary.

Gemini’s coloring book idea.

The Etymology of Felching.

This Is The Newz.

Man caught naked in a stable with a pony covered in massage oil denies wrongdoing.

Man finds real-life bat cave under his new home.

Woman labels date ‘worst ever’ after man said she looked ‘fatter in person’.

Man’s proposal at a baseball game goes horribly wrong in a cringeworthy scene.

Feds Sell Martin Shkreli’s Sole Copy Of Wu-Tang Clan Album.

Oregon man knocks out, hogties active shooter, according to Portland police.

(Brian McFly Throat Fucks Active Shooter)

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Rolled up balls of paper win 1st and 3rd place in the Tokyo Tech paper airplane contest.

Busy morning in Sapporo as bear attacks coincide with naked man walking around town.

Restaurant worker putting pubes on curry heralds return of baito-terror.

Japanese man deported for eating cats.

Kanna Hashimoto wins the Guinness World Record for getting tissues really fast.

More Newz.

Two rare white orcas are spotted off the coast of Japan.

Olympic track and field athlete responds to cardboard beds in the Olympic Village.

Olympics Spanish swimmer.had to leave breastfeeding son at home.

Mother makes roadblock to force drivers to stop at her children’s lemonade stand.

Astronomers see the back of a black hole for the first time, proving Albert Einstein was right.

What I Had For Lunch.

McFly had Quizno’s.

Fast Food debate.

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Episode 189: The Weighted Blanket Era

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 189: The Weighted Blanket Era

No other podcast with four dudes in a booth goes longer, faster, or harder than the World’s First Quantimino™ Powered Podcast. Bring a change of clothes.

Double X Quantimino.

Burrito’s Thoughts on Godzilla Singular Point.

Thom Yorke’s Idioteque Dance; Radiohead’s music is a metal blanket.

Santa Claus is a kaiju.

Home Improvement.

Researchers explore employee perceptions of bullshit in the workplace with the “Organizational Bullshit Perception Scale”.

Brian’s Couch: P-in-V sex isn’t that good.

American Men Suffer a Friendship Recession.

Brian’s Fingerhut.

True or False: Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches, Snoop Dogg’s Daughter.

This Is The Newz.

Arizona Woman Arrested For Using Craiglist To Find A Horse To Have Sex With.

(Dental talk interlude)

Fuming mum interrupts young daughter’s eulogy as fiancé, 68, lists her ‘flaws’.

‘I make jewellery from the teeth of dead loved ones to help people grieve’.

Wakefield kitten born without an anus saved in emergency operation.

(My Gato Needs An Assholo)

Video shows woman taped to seat after trying to open plane door on American Airlines flight.

(The No McFly List)

SF/Fantasy Bookstore Sues Neighboring Hotel, Includes Comic Book Version of Factual Allegations in Amended Complaint.

Robot Cockroach Features Engineering that Does Not Get Crushed, Moves Fast like the Insect.

(Upskirt Insect)

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Japanese sento bath house creates a genius system to show how busy the baths are.

New Silent Theater in Tokyo lets you lounge on couches with headphones while watching movies.

English teacher arrested in Japan for smuggling cannabis oil inside hair treatment bottles.

Japan created its first law requiring permits for crossbow possession.

You can now visit Evangelion’s Misato’s apartment dining room in real-life Tokyo.

New Godzilla mobile game lets you raise your own Godzilla, race it against other monsters.

More Newz.

Which bottle of wine at a restaurant has the biggest markup? The answer may surprise you.

This ‘Chinese Lego’ Brand Takes Its Toy Space Mission VERY Seriously.

3 shot outside barber shop after argument between 2 men over who won a foot race a month ago.

An unopened Legend of Zelda game from 1987 sells for $870,000.

A Sealed Copy Of ‘Super Mario 64’ Has Just Sold for $1.56 Million USD.

Would You Eat This KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down?

What I Had For Lunch.

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Episode 188: Flow State

Slam City
Slam City
Episode 188: Flow State

Your part-time friends from the Beaded Curtain District join forces to unleash in-depth conversations about custom trading cards, relationships, hypothetical meta-analysis, odd news, and what they had for lunch. This product may cause sudden bursts of uncontrollable laughter.

Double X Quantimino.

Brainstorming Session: Jaymark is in talks about Slam City trading cards. For the info on the back, the designers are including the nicknames of our fearless and greasy hosts. What nicknames do we have and what other info could we consider including on the back of our trading cards?

Brian’s Couch: Tinder Exit Interviews. What questions would Brian ask his failed Tinder dates?

Hypothetical Meta-Analysis: If Brian had the opportunity to date someone on Tinder that made more money than him, would he take up the offer? Obviously yes (maybe) but would he up the ante (i.e. wax his crack).

True or false?: Jeremy Meeks.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

This Is The Newz.

Woman breaks into a dental office and pulls 13 teeth from a clueless patient.

Free heroin, cocaine and meth handed out outside of the Vancouver Police Department.

Do new options mean men will have responsibility for birth control?

Mum makes a face mask out of her breast milk to ‘bond’ with her newborn baby.

Fans insist a nun looks ‘two decades younger’ because she lives without men.

Academics Rush to Defend Teacher Who Taught ‘Pornography Literacy’.

Burrito’s Nippon Newz.

Killing Machine appears at Japanese baseball stadium, and Dragon Quest fans are thrilled.

Flying beef bowls?!? Yoshinoya completes drone delivery of its signature gyudon.

Japan’s first pulled pork specialty store opens in Tokyo.

You can now rent “fat people” in Japan.

Booze made from wood is coming soon in Japan.

More Newz.

Japan Just Shattered the Internet Speed Record at 319 Terabits per Second.

Out-of-control monkey breaks into liquor store, drinks bottle of Kahlua.

A Movie About A Woman Being Impregnated By A Car Just Won The Palme D’Or At Cannes.

Woman bemuses people by showing off her mum’s cupboard of food ‘that never goes off’.

Subway Tried To Hand Out 1 Million Subs To Promote Its Revamped Menu This Week. Instead, Some Franchisees Said They Struggled To Give Away Free Sandwiches.

Dino dumps: World’s largest fossilized carnivore poop now on display at the Orlando Science Center.

What I Had For Lunch.

Rice Talk.

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